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Art Games Studio

Art Games Studio

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Company Name Art Games Studio

Games developed by Art Games Studio

Alchemist Simulator boxart for Xbox One

Alchemist Simulator

Take on the role of a novice student of alchemical arts, taking over the studio of your famous relative. Will you ever match his legend? Take the challenge to become the most famous alchemist in history! Become a powerful magician! Thanks to Alche..

Platform: Xbox One

November 10, 2021

Chef's Tail boxart for Xbox One

Chef's Tail

On the distant shores of a certain river weary travelers of this underworld domain, exhausted by their long journey, are going to take the next step on their journey... But before that, why not take the bite out of that tasty steaming hot apple pie, ..

Platform: Xbox One

November 18, 2021

Climber: Sky is the Limit boxart for Xbox One

Climber: Sky is the Limit

"Climber: Sky is the Limit is a unique game combining survival and simulation genres which will be available for both PC and consoles. This mountain climbing simulator will challenge you on the world’s highest peaks as the developers focus on high-..

Platform: Xbox One


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