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Under the Bed Games

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Under the Bed Games

Under the Bed Games is a Málaga-based game development studio focused on creating visually compelling experiences. With a strong artistic character, the studio's graphics are entirely based on hand-drawn illustrations and animations. Through 2D environments and immersive storytelling, their goal is to breathe life into horror stories, exploring the medium and the genre with a unique perspective.

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Company Details
Company Name Under the Bed Games
Twitter @underthebedgms
Headquarters Malaga, Spain

Games developed by Under the Bed Games

Tales from Candleforth boxart for Xbox One

Tales from Candleforth

Tales from Candleforth is a collection of fairy tales that were written on top of a forbidden book many years ago to hide its content. Years later, the dark text is bleeding out and onto the pages of the tales, mixing with them and twisting the stori..

Platform: Xbox One

April 30, 2024

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