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Five Xbox 360 Games To Avoid

Five Xbox 360 Games To Avoid

Published: Wednesday, April 20, 2016Tagged: Gaming, Xbox Store,

As with all things in life, there is the good and the bad. Xbox 360 games are no exception. Over the years we have seen many phenomenal games that keep us playing into the early hours of the morning. But similarly, there have also been a fair share of games so bad that you wish you never paid for them.

Self-defense Training Camp: With a metacritic score of 21, this game tops the list of the worst Xbox 360 games on the market. While this kinect game has reasonably responsive controls, it fails is all other areas. Self-defense Training Camp has very few game-like qualities to it. It is essentially a slow paced, scrotum hitting convention. There is no variety and hardly a challenge in this game, making it terribly boring. All you have to do is perfect the sequenced moves. But if you’re in the market for a testicle kicking simulator, this could be a good option.

Hannah Montanna: The Movie: Okay, so we knew this game was not going to be winning any awards from the get go. But it disappointed us so much more than we had expected. The actual game length itself is pretty short, and the controls are pretty average. The graphics are not terrible, except for the fact that Miley doesn’t really look like Miley. Content wise, it is mostly horse-riding and clothes. Perfect if you’re six. Probably boring for most of her fans aged thirteen plus, though.

Leisure-suit Larry: Box Office Bust: Wow. Where to begin? So much, but somehow so little to say about this game. This adult themed game, featuring porn-loving Larry is so bad. Much of the game is tacky and in poor taste. The plot line is thin. The dialogue is strained, and comes across as if a seventh grader wrote it. It’s all quite painful.

Hulk Hogan’s Main Event: So this Kinect’s motion controls game is quite a letdown. And it could have had some good potential too! But the main problem here is that conceptually this game was not well thought out. Players do not want to spend time holding poses before entering the ring. It’s rather tiresome, quite frankly. The miming of moves is too. The game boils down to repetitive stunt sequences that are far from entertaining.

Rogue WarriorConvincingly the worst first person shooter game to have hit the shelves in a long time. We have our protagonist voiced by Mickey Rourke, and the plot revolves around the North Koreans. But what really gets us are the clunky controls, and the sad attempts at humor throughout. 

While these terrible games are only a representation of the worst Xbox 360 games, it may be enough for you to want to retire your controllers for a while. If this is the case, perhaps head over to casinos online where you are bound to be less disappointed than these mind-numbingly boring Xbox 360 games. And you could win some money too! With welcome bonus casino benefits, it is a hard offer to turn down! 

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