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The Behemoth Launches Pit People on Xbox One Game Preview

The Behemoth Launches Pit People on Xbox One Game Preview

Published: Friday, January 13, 2017Tagged: Xbox Demo, Xbox Game Preview, Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox Store, Xbox One

The Behemoth's fast-paced, turn-based, co-op adventure, "Pit People", is now available via the Xbox game preview program. Download the free demo!

Pit People

In this fast-paced, turn-based, co-op adventure you'll quest and explore, find awesome loot, customize your fighters, recruit strange species, and fight in tournaments! A full cast of tragically unique heroes awaits as you plot a course across an apocalyptic wonderland! Dogged at every step by a mysterious and power-hungry narrator (Will Stamper, "BattleBlock Theater"), you'll need to rally your troops and steel your wits if you hope to survive a hostile world filled with sinister electrobots, deadly vampires and brutally adorable cupcake people! 

Early pioneers of Pit People can buy the game at a discounted price of $14.99 USD and these Early Access owners will receive permanent access to the full game. When the game is in full release it will be $19.99USD - but anyone who already owns the game would have their version automatically upgraded at no additional charge.
For players who own certain Behemoth game titles on the same Xbox One or Steam account will receive items in Pit People for having them!
On Xbox One, get unlocks in Pit People for owning Castle Crashers Remastered and Pit People on the same Xbox account. On Steam, get unlocks in Pit People for owning Castle Crashers and/or BattleBlock Theater on the same account as Pit People.
Note: The Xbox One version and Steam version are separate purchases and cross-platform play between the two are not supported.
The Pit People Early Access experience will include a sizeable chunk of the Story mission, plus access to several world maps, quests, Unfair Challenge against the AI, and Versus mode. The game can be experienced as a single player or two-player cooperative mode. Additionally, versus can be played with up to 4 people in 2v2. All multiplayer modes can be played locally or online!
The Behemoth will be continuing development throughout Early Access which means things like more quests, collectible items, story missions, world maps and other polish will be worked on and added along the way. This will also be a good opportunity to monitor the balance in the game and continue getting feedback from the gaming community as the game wraps up!

Developed by The Behemoth, Pit People is available to download for $14.99 USD. Download the Xbox One Pit People demo and try it for free!

Full details on the latest status of the game, how you can give feedback and report issues can be found at

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