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City Of Brass Digital Pre-order Now Available On Xbox One

City Of Brass Digital Pre-order Now Available On Xbox One

Published: Thursday, April 19, 2018Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Pre-order, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox Store,

Uppercut Games Arabian Nights-inspired first-person adventure game, 'City of Brass', is now available for digital pre-order and pre-download on Xbox One.

City Of Brass Digital Pre-order Now Available On Xbox One

Become a daring thief in City of Brass, a first-person action adventure from senior BioShock developers. Armed with scimitar and a versatile whip, you’ll lash and slash, bait and trap your way to the heart of an opulent, Arabian Nights-themed metropolis – or face certain death as time runs out.

Leaping from the pages of the Arabian Nights, adventure awaits in the accursed City of Brass – a place of legend, filled with danger and reward. Infested with mischievous spirits and deadly traps, its shifting streets are brimming with the wealth of a nation.

Assume the role of a cunning thief, battling to reach a fabled treasure at the city’s heart, wielding a blade and whip that can be used to disarm, trip or stun enemies, to swing to safety, grab inaccessible objects or even break through flimsy barricades.

Leap across pits, slide under blades, dodge spears, and sidestep poison gas traps – all the while manipulating hazards to your advantage against diverse spirit foes.

City Of Brass will be available May 4th 2018 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Steam early access version available now.

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Pre-order: here
File Size: 3.45 GB
Xbox One Game: City Of Brass
Price: $19.99 / € 19,99 / £15.99 / $27.95 AU

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