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What video game do you wish would get a reboot?

What video game do you wish would get a reboot?

Published: Thursday, July 05, 2018Tagged: Gaming,

A lot has changed in this century and there are numerous video games that have been invented. And while you can play your favorite online casino bonus games with online casino games, we are sure you would want to relive your childhood with some of the games you played while growing up.

What video game do you wish would get a reboot?

The Top Games of Yesteryear that You Would Love to Play Even Today!

The following are some of the old classic video games we wish they would get rebooted.

1. Wing Commander/ Free space.

The Wing Commander if you ask any game veteran out there will tell you that it was the best game ever, well apart from Star Wars. It was first released in PC and then on other systems like Apple and Sega Mega CDS. The game set off the war with the Kilrathi. As the player, you had recently graduated and become one of the commanders, The Tiger Claw.

You were assigned to a mission and had to fly the ship into Kilrathi territory. The missions involved to seek and destroy, and guess what you had a wing by your side. Moreover, you could give orders to your wing. This was one of the reasons that made the game stand out at that time.

2. Heretic

Heretic was the first series produced under Hexen by Raven. It was released in 1994 and used the IG software DOOM. Most of the items that were used resembled those that were used by DOOM, though Raven used some more features to distinguish it from DOOM. The game is a fantasy first-person shooter that lets players journey through fantasy while fighting demons using magic and mystic items.

3. Descent

Descent was all in a genre of itself. It was developed by Interplay Entertainment and Paralax Software. The game is a First person Corridor space game. As the player, the company Post Terran Minerals Corporation (PTMC) hires you to kill off their infected robots that have been attacked by The Virus. The only way to get rid of the virus is to flush out the reactors.

A twist to this amazing game is that you had to start from the Earth's Moon and progressing towards the planet Charon to defeat the final boss, however, you could not return home. Since the PTMC believed that your ship could be infected, talk about sad endings. A refreshing game, if this was reintroduced today it would still have the same effect it had in 1995.

4. Dark forces

If you're looking for a more challenging Star Wars game then this is it. The FPS decided to take a new plot twist away from the basic Star Wars story. The game introduces a new character Kyle who is a former Imperial officer turned into a rebel.

Kyle is missioned to steal plans from Death Stars before drifting into investigating the sudden deaths on Rebel territory by Dark Troopers. This is a definite game for Star Wars fans since they will be able to identify some characters such as Hutt and Jabba and the feel is just so Star Wars. Nothing is getting lost in between.

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