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5 Reasons to Gamble in Virtual Reality

5 Reasons to Gamble in Virtual Reality

Published: Wednesday, August 15, 2018Tagged: Gaming,

Just a few years ago VR-technologies was considered a wonder. But today, thanks to the rapid development of technology and mass distribution of gadgets, almost everyone can get access to the virtual world. Now we'll look at five reasons to gamble in virtual reality.

5 Reasons to Gamble in Virtual Reality

New ground

All IT-giants invest big money in the development of technology and the creation of real innovations. The gambling business pays particular attention to new trends, which saw a rich development potential in VR.

The thing is that virtual reality destroys old patterns and allows you to go beyond the scope of real opportunities. Just imagine: a player can find himself in a classic casino in early 20th century Las Vegas, or play directly in open space with some alien. The only limitation is the developers' fantasy.

Table games without a table

Everything can be done much more interesting. Do you want to play blackjack in the underground hall of the 1920s without leaving your house? Or, maybe, you want to try roulette side-by-side with millionaires in Monte Carlo? All this will become possible thanks to the virtual reality in online gambling. There are many options for using technology in this segment, and our very perception of games can change.

The rules of the game in blackjack and roulette remain unchanged for many years and the players like this. At the same time, virtual reality will give a new emotional twist to standard games. In the example above, a sense of danger will be as vivid as the card game itself, because you never know, perhaps, the dealer Big El don’t like something, and he pulls the trigger. At the same time, a genteel fling with a charming lady at a roulette table in Monte Carlo will not be worse.

Poker in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality can become progressive in poker because this game is interactive with the participation of all players at the table. Now some online poker platforms support in-game chat and live video. But the introduction of VR devices can open new boundaries for online poker.

Imagine the difference between playing regular online poker and its version in virtual reality. When you can see other players at the table, you can communicate, interact, which essentially recreates the real game in the hall. Besides, everyone will like the opportunity to change the surrounding background - starting from the style of the Wild West and ending with the moon buggy at the horizon. Virtual reality will maximally bring together real and online poker to create a new unique kind of gaming.

Slots with a new sense

If you have ever visited a real casino, then you probably noticed how fast the slots changed. That was just a set of reels with payment lines, and today slots please players with animated bonuses, lots of games inside games and even 3D graphics, and this is probably the main reason that slots continue to dominate the live casino market. Maybe, it seems that slots are already at a more advanced stage and virtual reality can offer little for them. But this is not so. Today you still have the standard control: a touchscreen and a few buttons. The rules have changed with virtual reality. In fact, they are practically abolished.

Imagine a slot with themes of the Wild West. You can make a spin and get the magic symbols that carry you to the bonus game. Instead of touching the screen, you walk along the street of an abandoned village, shoot at robbers who appear in doorways, windows and out of barrels. The score of the bonus game is determined by how many robbers you shot. The difference is colossal. Virtual reality offers immersive impressions, that is, it creates an alternative reality where your actions determine payments, and the only limitation is the imagination of the developers.

New gaming opportunities

The principle of the VR-casino is based on demonstrating video with a higher resolution and frame rate than the traditional video game series. This approach reduces playback delays to a minimum. Any movements of the hands or head in the frame are manifested without delay and provide the effect of «Being There.»

Virtual reality can provide the casino player with the following impressions:

-The atmosphere affects the visitor visually with the help of sounds, and also tactile (in case of gloves);

-The use of multiplayer game modes provides a presence effect;

-Players using the settings can create a unique image and select music;

-Interaction with other gamblers through voice functions or chat;

-Constant updating and adding new games to the content of the casino.

At the same time, you can stay in the VR-casino for as long as you please without harming your health. Participants in the testing of the profile establishment told that they felt full immersion in the game. Most expressed a desire to return there again.

Now VR gambling appears in many gaming houses. One such is the Foxy Casino, where you can try new technologies to the touch.

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