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CasinoRPG: Build your city and play on your casinos!

CasinoRPG: Build your city and play on your casinos!

Published: Thursday, November 07, 2019Tagged: Gaming,

Most players prefer to play at the same casino online, many choose playing on Jackpot city casino online because after a while they become comfortable with the website and how it is structured. When a website becomes familiar to the player, it is also easier to quickly navigate around and find different games and features. Of course, comfort and convenience are an important factor for a good gaming experience, but there are reasons to widen their game views and change their habits. Playing only at a single online casino has some limitations and disadvantages.

CasinoRPG - Free Casino MMORPG

The main disadvantage is that in the long run it can be boring to constantly play at one and the same online casino. Constantly being in the same gaming environment means that the player does not get new impressions and experiences. One way to gain new gaming experiences while retaining the recognition factor of the website's design is to play at online casinos in the same group. These use the same software, which makes it very easy to navigate the websites of the various online casinos because they are similar to each other. The difference is that they use different themes and create new gaming environments. In this way, players can experience new gaming environments at the same time as they easily find on their respective website.

Hard to take advantage of bonuses

Another advantage of playing at various online casinos is that loyalty in the casino world is rarely rewarded. By playing at different online casinos, players can benefit from, for example, different welcome bonuses. By spreading their gambling at various online casinos, the player's deposit can extend longer and be converted into extra spins and other benefits.

Therefore, in this article we will introduce a casino game that is quite unique. This game can open your horizons of thinking about how the casino industry is built. This game is CasinoRPG.

This is a Vegas-themed MMORPG game that is quite unique because it combines a managerial process that involves tycoons, city development (and also casinos of course), as well as the casino game itself. You play the role of a janitor who pursues a career as a casino maestro. In short this is a kind of career simulation of someone who worked his career from the lowest position to the top position in the Vegas casino industry, interspersed with the construction of buildings in real-time. You are a city designer while every casino is actively operated by someone else. Build your own casino and beat other casinos. Be number one in the casino industry in your city!

Not only build, you can also play! You can play a variety of typical card & casino games such as Bingo, Solitaire, Roulette, Blackjack and so forth.

What do you need?

In general, you only need fairly lightweight requirements, which are as follows: OS: Windows 7 (32 bit), 2GB RAM, CPU equivalent of 2 GHz, Minimum 150 MB storage and Broadband Internet connection. Not too difficult right?

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