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The Best Casino Games For Xbox

The Best Casino Games For Xbox

Published: Wednesday, November 27, 2019Tagged: Gaming, Xbox One

As long as video gaming consoles have been around, casino-style games have been a popular choice among players. While Xbox has evolved over the years, like all other gaming consoles, there are some casino games that still grab the attention of Xbox owners.

The Best Casino Themed Games for Xbox

Texas Hold ‘Em

It’s hard to believe that this classic game for Xbox 360 is already a decade old. If you’ve traded in your old 360 console but still have fond memories of playing this classic poker game, Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility makes it a very real possibility.

If you’re not familiar with Texas Hold ‘Em or you simply need more practice, you can play in single player mode or with up to 8 other players. You also have the option of changing your gaming environment.

Pure Hold'em

Pure Hold ‘Em

While Texas Hold ‘Em is only ten years old, you can see how far graphics have come in such a short period when you play Pure Hold ‘Em. There isn’t an extensive collection of casino games specifically for Xbox One, but Pure Hold ‘Em continues to be one of the most popular from their casino game selection.

Many casino-style video games can get a little dull after awhile but with six different tables and various levels to complete, this game offers more play time than most. Pure Hold ‘Em is available as a separate purchase or it’s also part of Poker Starter Pack, Poker Mega Pack, or the Pure Bundle.


Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge

When you think of casino games, a horse racing one might not be one of the first to come to mind. Betting on horses, and sports betting in general, is legal in every state in real life but in the Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge game you create your own stable of champion race horses. Breed them, race, and place bets while watching the race (with cinematic quality graphics) in real time.

Prominence Poker

Prominence Poker

If you care less about realistic graphics and more about character development and storyline, Prominence Poker is worth checking out. While you might not feel like you’re really playing poker, like in Pure Hold ‘Em, you get to work your way through levels, do a little underground gambling, and engage with some questionable characters.

Other Games To Consider

As more Xbox players show interest in casino games, there’s a good chance that you might see some old favorites pop back up and become available via Backwards Compatibility. By being an Xbox member you can chat on community forums, make suggestions on games, and see if any other players have a “heads up” on specific games.

Currently, the variety of casino games are limited as the majority revolve specifically around poker. While there are undoubtedly more games and browsing capabilities with your Xbox on the horizon, if you head to sites Slots.lv review you’ll find a huge assortment of top-rated casino games, including slots that can be played from virtually anywhere.

Online casinos are an excellent option when you need something different or can’t find the title you’re looking for in Xbox.

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