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Animal Friends Adventure Scurries Onto Xbox One

Animal Friends Adventure Scurries Onto Xbox One

Published: Wednesday, January 08, 2020Tagged: Gaming, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox Store

Animal Friends Adventure is now available for digital download on Xbox One for $15.99.

Animal Friends Adventures

Something terrible has occurred in Panda Land. Mysterious disappearances are happening across the land. Mystical beasts and strange creatures are appearing. Trouble is brewing in every corner of the land. Super Panda must once again go and rescue his beloved lands from the ancient nemesis once thought defeated. This time, he brought his crew to help.

Developed by Folkvang Studios and published by Deverydoo, Xbox One X enhanced Animal Friends Adventure is available now.

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Xbox Store: here
Price: $15.99 USD
File Size: 5.25 GB
Official Site:

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