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4 ways to earn money playing video games

4 ways to earn money playing video games

Published: Thursday, January 30, 2020Tagged: Gaming

Playing games is an extremely fun activity, but getting paid for playing sounds too good to be true. However, this is possible in the modern world. You can check it yourself by going to new jersey online casinos list where you will find great opportunities to entertain yourself.

4 ways to earn money playing video games

1- A YouTube Channel

If you consider yourself an authority on a particular game, then YouTube could be your way to earn some decent amount. There are several ways you can benefit by using your gaming knowledge.

You can make tutorials, guides or commentary for teaching your viewers about playing the games better. Reviewing new games on your YouTube channel could also be a good idea because a lot of gamers these days like to hear commentary before trying out a new game. Or you could show off your gaming skills by streaming live. YouTube offers you many different ways but ultimately you have to decide what suits your needs best.

2- A video Game Tester

Becoming a video game tester is a very good way to make a handsome amount of money. Game developers hire such people and they test the games in a real player environment. After trying out these games, they are tasked to make suggestions for improving their quality.

Playing a game to get a hefty sum sounds very easy and fun. However, the reality is quite the contrary because this is not like your average gaming session. You are required to play the games in such great detail that fun evaporates very quickly. Your task is to find every glitch and bug in the game which requires great delicacy and hard work on your part. However, the lucrative reward will make everything worthwhile for you.

3- Game Tournaments

This is not a reliable source of earning money. Unless you are a genius and extremely talented, there is no guarantee that you could win game tournaments consistently. Although one can land a big fortune if one succeeds in winning a big tournament.

4- A Game Developer

Developing a game takes a great amount of skill and time on the part of the developer. However, one can hope to generate a lot of income through game sales and in-game purchases. The gaming field is extremely competitive, therefore, you should expect long working hours and stressful work.

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