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Three best video game stories ever

Three best video game stories ever

Published: Monday, August 17, 2020Tagged: Gaming, Xbox One, Xbox Store

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Three best video game stories ever

1-Her Story

Her Story, which was written and directed by Sam Barlow, was released in June 2015 and it received huge praise and accolades from everyone. It is obvious from the start of the game that Her Story is about discovering the identity of a killer. However, as you proceed in the game, you realize that there is more than just solving a murder mystery.

The amazing feature of the game is that it tells its story through player choice, but those decisions are more than just selecting options on a dialogue wheel. Each player experiences the plot of the game differently. This is because the game comprises of short videos that you access by searching keywords in a database. Depending on the questions you ask, you could come up with different holes in the claims provided by the suspect. That instructs you towards your next search, and so every person chooses a different path to reach the truth.

Her Story sold over 100,000 copies. It also received very good ratings by the critics, while it garnered several accolades too.

2-The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the protagonist Geralt of Rivia is looking for Ciri, his missing adopted daughter who has sparked the malevolent interest of the Hunt.

This amazing game has taken its inspirations from Eastern Europe, and that’s why it has a very different feel to it than the average fantasy role-playing game. The characters in the game are very fascinating plus the interaction between these characters has great nuance.

The plot of the game is outstanding and they have done a really good job in its execution. Contrary to the majority of games that only have good or bad ethical rules, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt does not hesitate to explore the morally murky areas.

3-The Last of Us

The Last of Us can be greatly praised for its reality. Unlike most games, it is not about a hero who faces great challenges to achieve a great mission. It does not categorize characters as either good guys or bad guys. Instead, it has done a very good job to reflect reality. The protagonist of the game Joel is not a hero figure and neither are his friends. They are all just a bunch of people who are only concerned with surviving a broken world. However, you will like these people greatly by the end of the game.

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