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4 Xbox Classics That Deserve The 4K Treatment

4 Xbox Classics That Deserve The 4K Treatment

Published: Wednesday, December 16, 2020Tagged: Gaming, Xbox One

The original Xbox had some truly great titles in its day, yet sadly, the list of backwards compatible Xbox games grows smaller with every console generation. It’s a shame because some of those original Xbox classics should be preserved for future generations.

4 Xbox Classics That Deserve a 4K Treatment

Not all games deserve a remake, and many classic Xbox titles you might immediately think of have already had spiritual successors under different names. So for this article, we’re going to narrow down the list to just 4 classic Xbox games that never received sequels or remasters, yet are deserving of them.

Freedom Fighters

Freedom Fighters

IO Interactive’s Freedom Fighters was a charming 3rd-person shooter, following a plumber-turned-resistance-leader in New York City during a Soviet Union invasion.

Using the Glacier 3D engine also used to develop IO Interactive’s popular Hitman series, Freedom Fighters at the time felt like a convincing, open-but-linear world shooter with an amazing soundtrack composition.

One GameSpot reviewer noted that the game’s biggest problem was that “there isn’t enough of it”, as the game could be completed in a relatively short time. This sad fact remains today, as Freedom Fighters never received a sequel, with IO Interactive deciding to focus on the more popular Hitman titles, and the Kane and Lynch series. There’s even a Hitman themed slot game you can play at Casumo casino online.

Freedom Fighters was recently re-released on digital PC platforms, but with no graphical enhancements whatsoever. We’re sincerely hoping IO Interactive was testing the waters before they decide to make a new Freedom Fighters title, so in that case, everyone should buy 5 copies of the original so they’ll give us the proper remake (or sequel) we deserve.

Jet Set Radio Future

Jet Set Radio

An Xbox exclusive sequel to Sega’s Jet Set Radio, after the Sega Dreamcast console went up in flames. Jet Set Radio Future was a strange gem of a game that made absolutely no sense on paper, and yet had strangely addicting gameplay elements.

As a member of an in-line skating crew, you battle rival gangs in graffiti wars. The game at the time felt rather “open world”, even though it was linearly connected level areas, and you could even design your own graffiti in a Paint-like editor.

The gangs and characters were all rather strange yet charming in their cel-shaded graphics. From the cybernetic-enhanced Noise Tanks to the femme fatale Love Shockers, JSRF contained plenty of unlockable characters from each gang you encountered.

Kuju Entertainment offered to develop a Jet Set Radio game for the Nintendo Wii, and Dinosaur Games showed concept art for a JSR game at GDC 2017. Sega ultimately rejected both, and has never really mentioned the possibility of a future Jet Set Radio title. On the brightside, it seems some indie developers are taking matters into their own hands and developing a Jet Set Radio inspired game.



While No Mercy on the N64 was considered a massive critical success, and a benchmark for wrestling games to come, THQ dropped developers AKI for the next-gen consoles along with cancelling the No Mercy sequel, WWF Backlash.

Working with new developers, THQ published three terrible Xbox exclusives: Raw, Raw 2, and Wrestlemania 21. Wrestlemania 21 was so critically panned, developers Studio Gigante closed their doors shortly after release.

WWE Raw for the original Xbox was horrendously clunky. It seemed like a new company trying to mimic AKI’s engine for the next-gen, but failing miserably.

It would be incredible if THQ and AKI partnered up once again, took the few things WWF Raw did right (like a huge amount of weapons, great camera angles for finishers, etc), and went in a new direction with the WWE 2K series.

Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler’s Green

Land of The Dead

Aside from the Resident Evil series, there weren’t actually that many zombie-shooting games to choose from back in 2005. Road to Fiddler’s Green was actually universally panned on release, not without undue reason, but in hindsight the game really just needed a bit of polishing.

In some ways, Road to Fiddler’s Green may have been a little ahead of its time. The voice acting was rather terrible, but level design was appropriately claustrophobic, ammo could be somewhat scarce, and the game had some tense moments as you cautiously checked corners for undead shamblers.

You can certainly see how, even though Road to Fiddler’s Green was critically panned, it influenced future zombie-shooters like Left 4 Dead and Dead Island. Since zombie games have become fairly ridiculous and are falling out of fashion, a decently updated remake of this Xbox classic might inject some new life into the undead genre.

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