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Xbox Live Betting

Xbox Live Betting

Published: Monday, March 15, 2021Tagged: Gaming

Microsoft's Xbox console now gives gamers a safe place to really put their money where their mouths are with live betting on games they compete in. Back a decade ago, players started linking to other players around the world online to compete, but all they had were chat boxes to hurl abuse and boast who was the best. Now they can man up and back themselves with wagers and really take home the bacon as well as bragging rights.

Xbox Live Betting

The Xbox Live sites give you any genre of game you like whether first person, third person, RPG or sports. There are new lines coming too, with more focus on betting on the winner. To really grow the audience with Xbox, Microsoft has shifted towards online so that the audience expands to older gamers and across age groups.

The Draw of Wagering on Your Gaming Skill

It's like playing pool down at the bar. When there is money on the game, things get a bit more fun and a bit more serious. With Xbox live, you enter the hall and buy in like Poker, with the winner taking the pot. Any disputes are between players and both players have to agree who the winner is. But just like poker, there are always clear winners of the game, just not always good losers.

The minimum number of human players of course is two, but you can have more and it can be an odd number depending on the game.

The size of the bet can be anything you want too and the more players taking part in the tournament then the bigger the prize pool. After the players confirm the results, the winner gets the prize money wired to their bank or gaming wallet.

If you are worried about getting cheated out of your winnings, there are betting sites that will investigate and arbitrate on any disputed result. Microsoft doesn't step into our knowledge and generally, a bet is a bet and participants keep their word and pay up.

Betting on Sports & eSports via Xbox

As long as you access a sports betting website via your web browser, then you'll have a direct line to football, basketball, cricket, rugby, tennis, horse racing and sports around the world, and betting opportunities without deposit needed. Learning how to claim free bet or no deposit bonuses is easy as getting 500% first deposit bonus canada when you sign up.

All that is left for you to do is find the top free bet no deposit offers so you get the best value for money. On top of this, you can also get free bet low deposit offers with a low commitment for your first deposit on the site, and you may get 3 up to 5 times the amount in free bets in return!

Popular Titles

The hottest games for competing for money have been Halo, Fortnite, Call of Duty, or Mario Kart because of their timeless popularity and players don't like to relearn new games, especially when there is money involved. See some popular titles here. They want to rely on years of practice, muscle memory, and well-travelled game idiosyncrasies. Sportsbooks have started to offer betting lines on big online games in what is called live events, so you start getting audiences for some match-ups and money changing hands on the outcome.

Next for The Industry

It has grown massively over the last couple of years and is likely to pass $1.5b by 2023 and now attracts global audiences, betting sites and sponsors. It can get even bigger as more titles that have a lean towards betting start getting developed with this industry in mind. AI could change things further by adding 24/7 competitors and pitting the human brain and skill against artificial intelligence.

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