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Should Xbox Integrate Other Gaming Types?

Should Xbox Integrate Other Gaming Types?

Published: Monday, April 26, 2021Tagged: Gaming

Whether you're a fan of adventure and action games, or you prefer role-play, simulation, sport or strategy games, Xbox offers something to suit many consumers. Yet, with the vast array of popular gaming types around, we wonder if Xbox is missing a trick by not incorporating a broader range.

Should Xbox Integrate Other Gaming Types?

There are a few options that would work very well. Board games would be a big hit, and the casino industry has some suitable options too. So, here’s our roundup of the types of games we’d like to see Xbox introduce to its players and why they could be just the thing to put this console ahead of its competitors.

Casino Games

The casino games available online are varied and wide-ranging, and while Xbox has a handful of World Series and Texas Hold 'Em poker games, it has never really branched out into table games. Baccarat, blackjack, and roulette, as well as slots and bingo games, are almost entirely off the company's radar. This is a missed opportunity considering that Online Gambling in the United States is an extremely popular form of entertainment that draws in millions of American gamers and gamblers each year.

Live dealers and bingo callers, cash bonuses and welcome offers, plus live chats and a wide variety of games keep online gamblers coming back for more. There is a gaping hole in its otherwise extensive catalog of games, which could be easily filled and well-received. So, for as long as Xbox chooses not to capitalize on the contemporary casino craze, it risks surrendering a wealth of potential players to other gaming sectors.

Board Games - Chess

Board Games

A popular form of wholesome fun, board games have been a favorite pastime of the masses for centuries, both in the United States and elsewhere. Whether it's chess with a formidable opponent, a high-stakes Monopoly game, or well-loved, classic games such as Scrabble, Risk, Clue, and Battleships, board games are great for all occasions.

Despite this, Xbox offers its players only a handful of board game-style video games, focusing its attentions on Chess and Monopoly while leaving out recent, popular releases including Wavelength and Little Town. If Xbox wants to move with the times and ensure that it keeps players entertained, branching out and integrating board games more substantially into its gameplay could be the way forward. Doing so could see the console reach new audiences and increase player loyalty, as well as diversify its gaming catalog.

Missing Out

One of the most popular gaming consoles not only in the United States but around the world, the Xbox offers players an immersive, high-quality gaming experience and a vast choice of games. But for casino and boardgame lovers, Xbox sometimes falls short, providing only a small selection of games that tap into the interests of this enormous group of worldwide gamers. By simply introducing more baccarat, bingo, slot, blackjack, and roulette games, Xbox can draw in casino buffs, and a few more boardgame-style games will keep crowds happy and entertained. Here's hoping that this comes to fruition in the near future.

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