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Grand Theft Auto Casino has slot machines glitches and more

Grand Theft Auto Casino has slot machines glitches and more

Published: Tuesday, May 04, 2021Tagged: Gaming

For a long time, the GTA online casino has made us believe that it is impossible to earn a hefty amount of money in one single day. Luckily, the GTA online wheel glitch seems to be a guiding light for many players. Now, the players can keep spinning the wheel until they win exciting luxurious prizes.

Grand Theft Auto Casino has slot machines glitches and more

It goes unsaid that everyone earns a big profit whenever there’s a glitch discovered in any online game. Something similar has happened with all the GTA Online Casino players when they’ve got to know about the machine glitch. Earlier the wait time was around 24 hours to get the next big turn. But, now people can repeatedly spin the wheel to claim bigger than their dream prizes, including the amazing podium car.

Why are Players so excited after discovering the GTA Online Lucky Wheel glitch?

The unlimited chance to spin a wheel and in return earn exclusive rewards of your choice are the two major reasons for players’ excitement. Another worth exploring aspect of the GTA online machine glitch is the best casino bonuses. Yes, that’s true! People are rewarding themselves with crazy casino bonus points that further allow them to en-cash in-game money. Get the best casino bonuses points by clicking here.

How to claim the best casino bonuses using Casino Machine Glitches?

You must be wondering how exactly it becomes a possibility for players to earn as many casino bonus points as they wish. Well! The main credit goes to - Game glitches and coding bugs!

Follow this step-by-step guide to unlocking the treasure trove of golden bonus points-

1/ Make sure that you quit the game as soon as you realise that the spin wheel will stop to a reward that is unlike your choice.

Xbox One users should follow these steps - Press the Xbox button instantly >> Navigate towards GTA5 >> Select ‘Quit’ from the Menu.

PS4 users should follow these steps - Go to Quick Menu by holding the PS button >> Click on the ‘X - Close Application’ option twice.

2/Reload the game and repeat the process until you win the prize of your choice. If your GTA online casino game is taking longer than usual to load, then:

  • Go to Settings

  • Select ‘Saving and Startup’

  • Click on ‘Startup Flow Menu’

  • Navigate towards Interaction Menu and set the Casino Penthouse as your Start Point

  • Finally, select the ‘Spawn Location’ option.

3/ Continue playing the game as long as you are willing to collect rewards.

Final Verdict

Although, players have been making the most out of the Grand Theft Auto V Casino Glitch right from the time the game has been launched. But, it is always advisable to utilize the glitch responsibly and do not get caught by the Rockstar. Be smart, play responsibly, take advantage of the machine glitch, and no one can stop you by encashing the rewards of your dreams in real life.

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