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The best four Xbox One and Xbox One X games in this summer

The best four Xbox One and Xbox One X games in this summer

Published: Wednesday, July 14, 2021Tagged: Gaming

We continue our review of the titles of the generation choosing the best Xbox One games, both the normal model and Xbox One X, S, and All Digital. And we remind you that they can also be played in a backward-compatible mode (on Series X and Series S).

We update our list of the best Xbox One and Xbox One X games (also backward compatible on Xbox Series X and Series S) in 2021. Microsoft's console has already reached the end of its life cycle and has an impressive catalog that covers all the genders. In this list, we include exclusive games and cross-platform games.

Although highly anticipated games will continue to appear for Xbox One (starting with the "megaton" Halo Infinite), this list of games leaves us with a fairly exhaustive review of the best of the console's catalog. And with the added bonus that many of them are available through Game Pass from their launch day. Now, console games are starting to follow a long-standing trend in the online casino world, represented by slot sites like allvideoslots in Dutch.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Release date: March 11, 2020 | Developer: Moon Studios | Genre: Adventure

The philosophy of Ori and the Will of the Wisps is exactly the same as that of its predecessor. This is a two-dimensional Metroidvania of considerable difficulty, but one that encourages trial and error. To avoid frustrations, the save system has been modified. This time, we no longer have to generate manual save points, but there are automatic checkpoints quite frequently, so that if we die, we instantly reappear in a nearby place, so that we can return to the load with the lesson learned. During the course of the adventure, we progressively obtain a dozen powers that make us more and more powerful and that give us access to new areas that, before, were inaccessible. Each region has very specific playable mechanics, very well dosed so that we are constantly playing something different. The design of all of them is superb. Without a doubt, one of the best Xbox One games.

Nier Automata: Become as Gods Edition

Developer: Square-Enix | Released: March 10, 2017 | Genre: Action

In NieR Automata: Become As Gods Edition, the aliens have invaded Earth, and Humanity's last hope is two androids sent to fight them. His captivating personality is one of the strengths of an action game conceived in the unmistakable style of Yoko Taro, the creator of Drakengard and NieR Replicant. Surrealism, humor, and "Japanese" action await you in NieR: Automata, one of the most spectacular and charismatic games in the Xbox One catalog.

Doom Eternal

Release date: 19 March 2020 | Developer: Bethesda | Genre: Shooter

Like Doom II, Doom Eternal is a sequel, but it takes enough narrative and playable liberties to be something else. After the events of Doom, we have our own ship, we are conscious of our nature and we set course for an Earth that has been invaded by demons (aka handicapped, since the term "demon" is offensive). Our duty is to go down to Earth and find three priests who lead the handicapped hordes.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

Developer: Capcom | Released: January 25, 2019 | Genre: survival horror

If the original PS1 Resident Evil 2 was already good, this "remake" is spectacular. It is undoubtedly one of the best PS4 games, which knows how to take advantage of the classic story; the meeting of rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield in the zombie-infested city of Raccoon, giving it the "veneer" of updated gameplay and cutting-edge technical section. Resident Evil 2 Remake recovers the two side stories, the chases of Mr. X and the terrifying appearance of the Licker, and flawlessly modernizes them.

And now, as always, it's your turn: tell us what you think of the best Xbox games, which ones are yours, and which ones you've missed on our list.

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