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Green Man Gaming Strikes Partnership Deal with Finstock Capital

Green Man Gaming Strikes Partnership Deal with Finstock Capital

Published: Thursday, October 21, 2021Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Windows, Industry, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Store

Green Man Gaming (GMG) and financial services firm Finstock Capital have struck a major partnership deal that will help GMG Publishing bring more Indie game titles to market.

Greenman Gaming

While the global industry is projected to reach $180 billion in revenues this year, independent game studios can find it hard to secure the funding needed to bring their projects to market without the backing of a publisher

But drawing from their direct experience of bringing over 30 video game titles to market, the award-winning retailer, distributor and publisher Green Man Gaming sought out an equity partner to help them revolutionize the funding pipeline, taking inspiration from the motion picture industry.

It’s hoped the deal will not only help independent developers partnered with Green Man Gaming but also encourage other investors to take the plunge in a booming industry which can deliver high rewards at every stage of the process from intellectual property to retail.

Finstock will co-invest with Green Man Gaming’s Publishing division to bring new intellectual property to market. GMG Publishing works with the creators to bring their games to market, by helping with distribution, sales, asset creation, tax and royalties.

Upcoming titles to be released under the Green Man Gaming Publishing label include

Paul Sulyok, Founder and CEO of Green Man Gaming says the partnership is welcome news for the industry, which experienced a surge during the global pandemic.

The company’s own research estimated UK gamers played over 84 million hours of video games during the 12 months of lockdown, averaging 4.5 hours per day (see Notes to Editors).

“FinStock has the experience and drive to help widen the funding pipeline in this thrilling and booming industry,” he said.

“It will help indie developers bring beautiful, immersive games to a global digital audience without having to surrender creative control to one of the big players in the market. Finstock’s financial firepower will help us ramp up the size and number of investments we make in games, which is a win for both creators and players.”

London-based Finstock Capital, which supplies bridging loans, project finance, tax credit lending, venture debt as well as investment in video games, says Green Man Gaming was an obvious partner.Edo Salvesen, Finstock’s co-founder says: “As an established digital retailer in the market GMG has almost unparalleled experience in understanding how to market and sell games to digital gamers globally.”

“The team understands the industry’s pipeline better than anyone, thanks to their detailed modelling which is based on robust data. That gives them unparalleled commercial expertise - a real advantage in today’s market.”

He continued: “Investing in developers with Green Man Gaming will allow us to support more development teams in fulfilling their ambition to launch indie games”.

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