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Game Pass A Go-To for Discovery

Game Pass A Go-To for Discovery

Published: Friday, November 12, 2021Tagged: Gaming

It has been a big year for Xbox Game Pass, a platform that has become well known for helping players to discover new games and new genres from the biggest triple A games to more independent online options like these options for example in games of chance, and by teasing some very influential games coming to the platform in the near future with something orange, there’s no slowing the hype that has been found. But what is it that has made services like Xbox Game Pass so popular, and is it time for similar services to emerge from other big developers and publishers?

Game Pass A Go-To for Discovery

Publishers like Epic Games have been doing it for quite some time to the same success, by either giving away older titles for free to bring in a wave of new users and excitement for the platform, or by offering short term trial periods of bigger and newer titles over a weekend period too followed by a discount period and have helped many titles have a second life or breath more life into newer titles too. Both have managed to roll a many number of other services into these subscription packages too and have helped them become easily accessible gaming options for those really looking to try something new.

At a time where subscription services are being launched left and right and often with a huge wealth of choice, having something that reliably puts out great content and great options was always going to succeed and has been a big part of why the Xbox Game Pass continues to pull in big numbers, and has shown that other studios doing the same may succeed too across multiple platforms, so long as there is more content worth putting out there, and games that are waiting to be played.

It is somewhat reminiscent of an era that is seemingly long behind us, the memory for those who remember going to the store to rent games for a few days in order to play through them before returning them, and this can very much be similar for exploring these new options, but often with the end goal of actually owning the games instead of simply renting them. This may provide an opportunity in the future for exclusive games to be offered at an earlier period too whilst exclusive games still remain and developers look for ways to encourage more users to a certain platform, and at a time where there is a bigger push for exclusive games to grow and become more popular.

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