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MONOPOLY Madness Is Available Now On Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

MONOPOLY Madness Is Available Now On Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

Published: Thursday, December 09, 2021Tagged: Gaming, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Store

MONOPOLY Madness is now available for digital download on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles. MONOPOLY Madness brings the MONOPOLY experience into the arena for the first time ever. Rediscover the property trading game you love in a way you've never seen before.


MONOPOLY, in a way you've never seen before. With shorter rounds, race other players across the chaotic streets of Monopoly City, collect resources, buy and upgrade properties, mess with your opponents, and avoid their tricks to win the race for riches. In this race for fame and fortune, the rules have changed slightly: • No more board! Roam the streets of Monopoly City to collect money, water, and electricity. • 20 NEW playable characters inspired by classic MONOPOLY tokens. • Discover 4 unique environments, each with several levels and layouts. • Play with up to 6 players online or locally. • Get power-ups from the Community Chests! Use them to mess with your opponents and gain an advantage to win. This is Madness!

Monopoly Madness is to purchase individually on the Microsoft Store for $29.99 or in the MONOPOLY PLUS + MONOPOLY Madness bundle for $49.99.

Monopoly Madness Digital Download

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