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5 Xbox games that would make cool slot titles

5 Xbox games that would make cool slot titles

Published: Thursday, December 23, 2021Tagged: Gaming

Gaming has always been an incredibly popular pastime for people all around the world, with a variety of different consoles available to play on that each provide some of the best immersive experiences possible.

5 Xbox games that would make cool slot titles

This could be down to the graphics and visuals used, as well as combining with the audio applied, whilst others will appreciate the storylines and plots that have been created as these can make the game successful.

There has always been a divide when it comes down to the preferred games console of choice, with many choosing between an Xbox or a PlayStation, although both are designed to provide the gamers that use them with the ultimate level of gameplay possible.

However, with Xbox systems being rather popular, we thought we would look at five games that we believe would make awesome slot titles and would look rather good within 888casino’s library of slots. Players can read more about 888 slots games here on where you can learn more about the latest and greatest slot titles from one of the world’s biggest operators.

So, what are just some of the Xbox games that have been chosen? Well, just a few of the biggest and most classic titles to have ever been created in the entire video game industry.


Halo would have to immediately be considered one of the very best video games available on Xbox currently, which is why it is likely that it would make for an awesome slot game, as well.

Players would still be able to feel as though they have gone on an adventure in a slot with this game, as the developer would be able to utilize the themes of the game and potentially use different elements of the game that could then feature within the slot.

Grand Theft Auto

Let’s face it, when thinking about a video game that could potentially become a cool slot title, Grand Theft Auto would have to be right up there. Indeed, there are several different versions of GTA, which would then give developers and players the chance to enjoy a number of different options, although some might argue that there are not any that are better than Vice City.

Forza Horizon

The slot game industry has already seen several titles look to implement a theme that is based on fast cars and high-octane action on the roads, so it would not be hard to imagine that Forza Horizon would be a successful title, as well.

Players could look to try and collect all their favorite cars whilst playing the slot, with different vehicles being used as special symbols or as high-paying icons.

Red Dead Redemption

One of the biggest games to have ever been created, the Red Dead Redemption video game series would have to be considered a title that would make for an awesome slot game. The game’s Wild West theme would fit alongside a number of other successful titles, whilst the reputation the game has around the world would almost immediately make it successful without too much trouble.

Assassin's Creed

Lastly, the Assassin’s Creed game franchise is another top Xbox game that would have to be considered an awesome slot title in the future if it were ever to be produced. There are a number of different themes that can be adopted, as well as scenarios, whilst the game’s characters can instantly help to provide developers with something to follow without too much effort.

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