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Classic Survival Horror 'Tormented Souls' Out Now On Xbox One & PlayStation 4!

Classic Survival Horror 'Tormented Souls' Out Now On Xbox One & PlayStation 4!

Published: Friday, February 25, 2022Tagged: Gaming, [email protected], Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Store

'Tormented Souls' is now available on Xbox One & PlayStation 4! 'Tormented Souls' is also available to buy and play now on Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5 and Steam, and is coming soon to Nintendo Switch on April 14th, 2022.

Classic Survival Horror 'Tormented Souls' Out Now On Xbox One & PlayStation 4!

When two twin girls go missing, it's up to you - Caroline Walker - to find them. Your investigation leads you to Winterlake Hospital, an abandoned mansion turned into a hospital. Quickly, your investigation turns sideways and becomes a battle of survival against the horrible creatures that live in the dark. Will you make it out alive? 'Tormented Souls' is a return to the classic era of fixed perspective horror survival games - inspired by games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Craft survival tools and weapons using the limited resources around you to keep the horrors at bay. Solve puzzles and explore Winterlake, but be aware of your surroundings - you're not alone in the dark.

Accompanying the digital version of the game, 'Tormented Souls' will also be available as a physical disc or cartridge on PlayStation 4 & Nintendo Switch.

In partnership with our friends at FunStock, players will be able to purchase boxed versions of the game and receive an exclusive Sun and Moon collectable coin as featured in 'Tormented Souls'.

Visit the FunStock store to order your limited Sun and Moon physical version of 'Tormented Souls'.

Tormented Souls is available on console and PC.

Tormented Souls Digital Download

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