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Submerged: Hidden Depths Is Out Now For Xbox, PlayStation and PC

Submerged: Hidden Depths Is Out Now For Xbox, PlayStation and PC

Published: Thursday, March 10, 2022Tagged: Gaming, [email protected], Windows, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Store

Relaxing, third-person exploration game set in Submerged: Hidden Depths from Uppercut Games (@UppercutGames) is out today for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Submerged: Hidden Depths Is Out Now For Xbox, PlayStation and PC

Submerged: Hidden Depths is a ‘relaxploration’ adventure that sees sibling duo, Miku and Taku, uncover the mysteries of a sunken city in a vast and vibrant world. Lost at sea in their fishing boat, our protagonists will need to scale crumbling skyscrapers, encounter new creatures and solve long abandoned puzzles if they’re to piece together this enigmatic story.

There’s a sensory fullness to Submerged: Hidden Depths that creates a relaxing experience, with rich and colourful environments, soothing sounds of the ocean and calming sunrises.

A drowned city, crumbling tips of skyscrapers stubbornly standing above the waves. Deserted villages, now inhabited by enigmatic creatures. And beneath the surging ocean waits an anguished, angry presence. Submerged: Hidden Depths is a non-combat third-person “relaxploration” adventure, set in the sunken ruins of a beautiful world. Take on the role of Miku and Taku – one cursed with a mysterious power that she wants to use for good, the other determined not to let it tear them apart. Boat across tranquil waters and storm-driven white-caps, explore and climb what remains of a once-towering city, and scour the buildings for the seeds of its salvation.

Watch the official launch trailer below.

Submerged: Hidden Depths is out now on Xbox, PlayStation and PC for $29.99.

Submerged: Hidden Depths Digital Download

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