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Anuchard Is Available Now On Xbox One And Xbox Series S|X

Anuchard Is Available Now On Xbox One And Xbox Series S|X

Published: Friday, April 22, 2022Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox Live, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox Store

Anuchard from Freedom Games (@freedomgamesgg) and Indonesian based indie developer stellarNull is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X for $14.99.

Anuchard Is Available Now On Xbox One And Xbox Series S|X

Anuchard was known as a place of wonder and peace, a land of limitless bounty suspended in the heavens above. Five ancient Guardians gave the island their blessings... Until one day they left without a word. The Anuchardian paradise fell from the skies, crashing onto the world below. Only a tiny speck of an island survived the fall. The rest has been coalesced underground into a twisted mass of winding passages full of wild magic and vicious monsters, known simply as The Dungeon.

Generations passed as few survivors eked out an existence in the Orchard, the sole village on the surviving island, which maintains the few remains of Anuchardian magic. Farmers tend to the fields while scavengers pick through the bones of the kingdom.

All await the Chosen One, the Bellwielder, who will take up the Audros Bell and enter the Dungeon, wake the Guardians from their slumber, and bring back paradise.

Be judged worthy and take up the mantle of the Bellwielder. The Dungeon awaits!

Anuchard is available for Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X on the Microsoft Store for $14.99. The game is also available on Steam Epic Games Store, and Nintendo Switch.

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