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Skill-Based vs. Luck-Based Casino Games: What Is More Popular?

Skill-Based vs. Luck-Based Casino Games: What Is More Popular?

Published: Tuesday, April 26, 2022Tagged: Gaming

Casino games are currently prevalent, and with the development of online casinos, anyone with a phone and internet connection can play casino games. There are varying types of casino games, with the two major categorizations being skill-based and luck-based games.

Skill-Based vs. Luck-Based Casino Games: What Is More Popular?

Luck-based games are mainly based on chance and involve little to no skill. Skill-based games involve skill and knowledge requiring players to make actual decisions. 

To better understand the differences between these types of games, it would be best to look at them individually. 

Skill Based Games

Skill-based casino games or skilled-based gambling is playing games whose outcome depends on the player’s skills. The player’s outcome will depend on factors such as experience, knowledge, and reactions.

They will include strategies, and the best strategic thinking will result in beating the house or other players at the table. The main difference between skill-based and luck-based games is the player has a say in controlling the game’s outcome. 

Most skilled-based games are classic casino table games like blackjack and poker. In these games, players have to utilize their game knowledge and decision-making to create favorable outcomes.

On the other hand, there are now skill-based slots games. You can find out more about slot machine skill games here. Skilled-based games depend on the player’s ability to play the game, which they can improve over time, as is the case with any skill. 

Luck Based Games

As the name suggests, games of luck are casino games where the game’s outcome depends almost entirely on luck. The game’s designers, or in the case of online casino games developers, program the games to have as random an outcome as possible.

Many people choose luck-based games in casinos because they do not involve much skill or strategic thinking. Therefore, anyone can play them, including beginners who have never played them before. 

The player does not influence the game’s outcome in luck-based games and is what most people refer to when they talk about gambling in casinos.

The randomness of the result gives players more excitement which is part of the reason many people choose to play casino games, including on Xbox. Video slots are by far the most popular category of luck-based casino games. 


As far as knowledge is concerned, skill-based games require more understanding than luck-based games. Since the player can use knowledge to influence the game’s outcome, players will learn as much about the game and how to win it. 

Knowledge will include learning the games’ rules, strategies to win, and the house’s influences, among other things. The more knowledge a player has about the game, the better their odds of winning or at least reducing the house’s edge.

With more knowledge, you progressively improve your decisions and your skill with time. Due to knowledge requirements, skill-based games are not as popular.


Some people play casino games for fun. As it pertains to luck-based vs. skill-based games, the former tends to be more fun than the latter. However, it is often down to personal taste and preference. Players have no influence on the game’s outcome, which means they leave it up to chance, and the uncertainty makes it a lot more fun. Therefore, luck-based games win in this category too.


Luck-based games like slots can have high payouts if you win. However, though you can win more money, it happens less often due to the games’ designs.

On the other hand, skill-based games are often played against other people, so some players often win. The amount they win depends on the wagers, which is typically low unless you are a high roller. 

It is easy to state which is more popular between skill-based and luck-based casino games. Most people will play luck-based games because they do not require much skill or decision-making, meaning they are more popular. However, it is more a matter of personal choice than anything else.

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