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What Are Ways Online Casino Games Are Infusing Video Games?

What Are Ways Online Casino Games Are Infusing Video Games?

Published: Tuesday, December 13, 2022Tagged: Gaming

Gambling always had second place when it came to game development. Not everyone thinks this industry is the same as game development. However, in reality, there is little to no difference between traditional games that are famous all around the world and gambling titles. They go through similar stages and actually influence one another. It is not only that AAA games definitely influence online casinos. This system works the other way around two. That is why today we are talking about all the possible ways that online casinos are getting closer to your favorite AAA titles and improving the technologies behind gaming. 

What Are Ways Online Casino Games Are Infusing Video Games?

Drawing Inspiration from AAA Games

It is not a secret to anyone that many gambling games definitely draw inspiration from traditional shooters or RPG titles. Online casinos appeared much later, and they always needed an in front of them. This is how you end up getting online pokies QLD inspired by your favorite games. Here we are talking about successful pokies that use graphics or design from such products as Resident Evil or GTA. Nevertheless, we'll talk about such Canadian slot machines a little bit later. Inspiration doesn't really have themes and symbols. It goes deeper and connects with everything from sound design to the strategy behind the game development and the workforce. People who work on popular titles and online casinos have the same skills. Overall, the only major difference is popularity.

Nevertheless, gambling will soon be just as successful as gaming. Finally, we should also mention esports that draws ration from both of these spheres. They perfectly combined the best elements of both worlds, taking real money from the gambling world and linking them with all the excitement and fun associated with your favorite titles. The same can be said about NFT, cryptocurrency, and other new developments. 

Sound Design

Now we can finally get to each individual element. As we have mentioned before, gambling took many things as inspiration from gaming. After all, why invent something when it was already created? Sound design is one such element. Music is one of the things that will make or break a title. It is the best way to ensure that users and players are fully invested in the gameplay. Gambling has always been close to sound design. They only improved using already existing strategies. After all, music definitely motivates everyone to continue playing and feel excited.

Themes and Slot Machines

As was also mentioned, many themes were definitely inspired by traditional games. This did not only produce excellent pokies. This has also inspired many gamers to start gambling. If you see a successful slot machine greatly inspired by your favorite sport, movie, or title, you will want to try it. This is how we have gotten many slot machines inspired by GTA, Resident Evil, or even some Star Wars titles. It is also no surprise that these particular slot machines are much more popular and expensive. Not everyone buys a franchise or rides to use particular graphics. 

However, those game developers do produce excellent products beloved by many gamblers. We can take a slot machine inspired by the game of thrones. Even if it is not a game, it has the same principles. Since this particular project is insanely popular, it attracts more and more attention. The same can be easily said about many successful products like Resident Evil. They continue to inspire people to produce other products, movies, and different franchises. Even recently, a Netflix show was dedicated to this particular game. Gambling developers only follow the trends and definitely succeed since this industry is more expensive than $20 billion.

Titles Featuring Casinos and Gambling

You might be a little wrong if you think that games only inspire online casinos. This is a two-way street. It means that online games inspire gambling just as much as the other way around. There are quite a few products that use gambling elements as their main source of attraction. GTA is an excellent example. The diamond casino and resort is a location in the GTA game. It actually uses real products like poker or blackjack to improve its users' experience. It is also one of the most popular locations on this particular map. You can have a lot of fun, obtain a VIP membership, check out the bar, enjoy several unique products and even Play available slot machines. Most of them are not only popular but also inspired by the game itself. This is how you can get original content within the game. It obviously would not exist if gambling was not as popular as it is now. Moreover, many other products follow the same example.

Technologies Behind It All

Technological advancements also connect to the world of gaming and gambling. It is not a secret that modern technologies are the basis for many successful games. Without an Xbox or a PlayStation, our experience as users would not be as ideal or close to life. If not for games, simulators, and similar projects, we wouldn't be getting online casinos that practically take us to the real thing. Moreover, there are countless gambling titles perfect for Xbox and other similar platforms. Even in this case, gambling and traditional gaming are very similar. The processes behind it are practically identical.

The process of the development of each sphere starts with a basic idea. Then, a game designer starts developing a game design document that specifies all the details about a particular title. It includes the basics of gameplay, the overall idea, the plot, if necessary, and other game design peculiarities. After that, the game is discussed and evaluated before it moves onto the art department and the actual developers. It is a very intricate process that requires full concentration and collaboration between so many different departments. It goes from game design to programming and developing to art department, sound design, marketing, and many other details. The only major difference is the budget, which mostly depends on the level of the particular title, and eats popularity.

Bottom Line

Overall, we don't think that online gambling would exist without traditional video titles. However, it is definitely a two-way street way, and both of these steers greatly influenced one another. Gambling brings more and more people to the industry of video games. Besides, there is also the existence of esports that are getting more and more popular each day. Overall, these two industries will likely coexist with one another and continue to improve the experience of users.

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