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Games You Should Play in Your Xbox in 2023

Games You Should Play in Your Xbox in 2023

Published: Monday, January 23, 2023Tagged: Gaming

A series of bugs has left Microsoft's Xbox One console in the shadow of its main competitor for a long time. But the launch of the Xbox Series X and S made things right. Both consoles have good features at an affordable price, as well as a vast catalog of games, so they can easily compete with PS4 and PS5.

Games You Should Try Play in Your Xbox in 2023

Today, we'll show you the best Xbox games you should play in 2023.


GTA is one of the most popular RPGs in the world. Here you are offered complete freedom of action - you can go through the story, or you can engage in robberies, car thefts, seizures of a military base, and much more. Even though the entire GTA series is controversial, it is still the most famous real-life simulator in the world.

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What games of chance can you play in GTA itself? Here you will be offered the following:

  1. Classic blackjack against the dealer. All the money you win can be spent on buying new cars and weapons.

  2. Game slots. This is the same exciting experience as in real casinos. You never know how the game round will end and when it will bring a big win.

  3. Roulette. Why not try to break the bank in the most popular game in the whole world? Just choose your bet and watch where the ball stops.


Deathloop is a console game from the developers of the famous Dishonored series. The bottom line is simple - you are stuck in a time loop and are now forced to repeat the same day constantly. Even if you survive until the end of the day, the day will still repeat itself.

The main character - Colt - must break the time loop to return to the real world. To do this, she needs to organize the murder of seven heroes at once. But here's the problem - every new day, they are generated in different places and at other times, and you can never plan your actions.

Another task is to hunt down Julianne. This is another inhabitant of the time loop, which will make every possible attempt to prevent you from leaving this place.

The game has a multiplayer mode where you can change roles - play as Colt or Julianne.

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Each new passage of the day will help you improve your skills and develop supernatural abilities. You can find trinkets and various parts for your weapons to improve them and make them more powerful.

The game was initially released as a PlayStation exclusive, but in September 2022, it became available for download for Xbox players.


How to describe Control in simple words? Take Alan Wake's weird storytelling format and pair it with atmospheric gunplay in Quantum Break. You will play as a woman trying to find her missing brother.

This game has a very thin line between reality and fantasy. Sometimes you just stop noticing it, completely immersing yourself in what is happening. The game will appeal to fans of The X-Files and Supernatural.

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The game is also available on PS4 consoles, but the controls are much better on Xbox. The console from Sony will never be able to match the game console from Microsoft for the smoothness and accuracy of the movement of the sticks on the gamepad.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Another open-world game on our list. You will spend many hours behind this fascinating and large-scale project. But nothing else could be expected from the company that gave the world GTA.

The studio invested millions of dollars in the project, which was worth it. If you have always wanted to go to the Wild West and learn more about the life of cowboys, this game is just made for you.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a third-person shooter where you'll have to take control of Arthur Morgan, who is part of the Van der Linde gang. The game has a linear storyline; you can learn more about the main character as you progress.

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The game also has many side quests. For example, a great way to earn extra coins to play is to play poker. It is pretty realistic here - you will find opponents with different skill levels and tables with various buy-ins.

Rockstar has decided not to update the game's original version for next-generation consoles. At the same time, the picture on the screen, even without improvements, still looks quite decent. By the way, on Series X, game loading is many times faster than on previous generation consoles.

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