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War Child & Black Razor Records Join Forces To Raise Money for Ukraine Children

War Child & Black Razor Records Join Forces To Raise Money for Ukraine Children

Published: Wednesday, March 29, 2023Tagged: Gaming, Industry

War Child, Black Razor Records and alternative rock/rap artists, Ivar & The Horde, today announce the release of a new anti-war song “Broken Walls”, dedicated to raising money for the children affected by the War In Ukraine.

War Child & Black Razor Records Join Forces To Raise Money for Ukraine Children

By partnering with War Child, a global charity dedicated to supporting children affected by conflict, Black Razor Records will be donating all Bandcamp proceeds from the release of ‘Broken Walls’ to the organisation, as well as setting up a GoFundMe to support children in conflict-affected regions around the world. With every donation to this campaign, each supporter receives a free Bandcamp code to download the freshly cut 'Broken Walls' double A-Side single.

This song is a protest song especially written and produced to raise awareness of the military atrocities going on in the world, especially given the recent anniversary of the War in Ukraine.

“Broken Walls” is the latest release from alternative rock/rap artists, Ivar & The Horde (Stu Brootal & Kieron Pepper), and is launching alongside the war themed arcade twin-stick shooter ‘Tiny Troopers: Global Ops’ developed by Epiphany Games and published by Wired Productions (founders of Black Razor Records) which launched on 9th March. The game highlights a series of military megalomaniacs from around the world, and their greed filled desire to cause conflict and chaos.

Through their music, the team hopes to raise awareness about the devastating impact that war has on children while encouraging others to support War Child's mission to protect, educate and stand up for the rights of children affected by conflict.

"I hope this tugs at the hearts of those who listen", said Stu Brootal, Vocalist for Ivar & The Horde. "We constantly point the finger without taking into consideration our complacency in all this. The chaos of the world is a reflection of the chaos in ourselves. If we can each tend to our friends and family and bring them peace, we'll see it echo outward into a society and a world that is desperate for salvation. And true salvation comes from within. We are the answer."

All proceeds from the song from Bandcamp and GoFundMe will be donated to War Child.

About 'Broken Walls'.

With its fast-paced, energetic tempo and rapid-fire lyrics, "Broken Walls" urges listeners to question the violent decisions people make especially in times of war. Ivar & The Horde's vocals are a mix of rap and spoken word, delivered with emotional intensity. The production of the song is a combination of studio and electronic production techniques while the song's instrumentation is a combination of programmed beats, live takes of bass and guitar, and sounds that add sonic references, following Ivar & The Horde's love affair with Rage Against the Machine.

Set apart by its unique blend of genres and its raw, organic intensity, ‘Broken Walls’ is a powerful and thought-provoking track, reflecting Ivar & The Horde's personal experiences and their desire for reconciliation and harmony in a world that is full of chaos and distortion.

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