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Crossout's “Spring Mayhem” in-game event grants access to unique pre-assembled vehicles and a new mode

Crossout's “Spring Mayhem” in-game event grants access to unique pre-assembled vehicles and a new mode

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The “Spring Mayhem” event for post-apocalyptic online action game Crossout is live on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Take part in the battles, move up the ranking board and get the rewards you deserve!

Crossout's “Spring Mayhem” in-game event grants access to unique pre-assembled vehicles and a new mode

Battles in the Spring Mayhem event are fought on pre-assembled armored vehicles. Before the battle, the player chooses one of five available blueprints with different guns, chassis and roles in combat: Scout, Tank, Sniper, Artillery and Helicopter. Battles are fought on the special maps "Tank Range", "River Lighthouse", "Desolate Town", which have been modified for the combined battles of ground and air vehicles. In the mode, respawn after death is enabled, and the goal of the battle is to fill the points scale earlier than the opposing team by destroying enemy armored vehicles or controlling bases.

Spring Mayhem features:

  • Battles are held in the “Battlefield” brawl on special maps:
    • “Tank range”;
    • “River lighthouse”;
    • New map for the mode — “Desolate town”.
  • All maps have been modified for ground and air battles.
  • Battles are fought on pre-built armoured vehicles.
  • At the beginning of each battle, you can choose the desired armoured car that you will ride into the battle. If you do not have time to choose a car in the allotted time, the blueprint is selected randomly.
  • There are 5 blueprints to choose from with different weapons, movement parts and, accordingly, roles:
    • Scout
    • Tank;
    • Sniper;
    • Artillerist;
    • Helicopter.
  • The same blueprint can be selected at the same time by no more than 3 players.
  • The mode has respawns. Before respawning, you need to choose one of the 5 vehicles on which you want to continue the battle. If you do not have time to change the vehicle in the allotted time, you will be automatically issued the same armoured vehicle on which you fought before the destruction.
  • Your objective in the battle: fill the point scale earlier than the opposing team, or score more points before the time runs out. Points are awarded for the destruction of opponents.
  • A team is awarded a win if it scores 50 points and outscores the opposing team by at least 5 points.
    • If a team scores 50 points, or the time of the match ends, but the gap of 5 points between the teams has not been reached, then the teams are given extra time.
    • If at the end of extra time the situation has not changed and the gap of 5 points has not been reached, then a draw is declared.
    • If one team scores 100 points, it receives an early victory, and the battle ends.
  • The team receives points for destroying enemies according to the following formula: “1 + the number of bases controlled at the time of destruction”. You can always find out how many points your team will receive for destroying an enemy by looking at the number of filled in rhombs under the team score counter.

Special challenges

  • During the entire event, a special challenge for 3 victories in the mode will be available to you every day.
  • The challenges of the “Spring mayhem” do not accumulate. An uncompleted challenge disappears the following day.
  • A container with resources “Strategic reserve” is rewarded for completing a challenge.


  • This year we have updated the rating system. Now it better evaluates your actions in battle and encourages those players who try to be the most useful to their team.
  • Now entering the battle is free, and no rating points are deducted for participation.
  • Now all leagues except “Rust” are not “safe”. This means that you can move to the previous league if you don’t play efficiently and/or face a losing streak.
  • Battle rating calculation:
    • At the end of the battle the player receives rating points, the formula for its calculation takes into account the following events:
      • the amount of enemies you destroyed,
      • how many times you helped destroy the enemy,
      • how many times you have captured the base,
      • how many times you have been destroyed by enemies,
      • whether your team was able to win the battle.
    • Each of the listed events gives its own number of points for calculating the final battle rating. The destruction of your vehicle is considered a negative event and results in the loss of points.
    • The final rating of the battle is calculated by taking into account all the points earned, as well as the time of the battle for which they were received (at least 4 minutes of the battle). The final rating for the battle cannot be negative.
  • Rating calculation for the rating leaderboard
    • The battle rating is taken into account during the calculation of the final rating for the leaderboard.
    • If you don't get a zero combat rating, your overall rating will either go up or stay the same up to the “Golden” league.
  • Early exit from the battle:
    • If for some reason you are disconnected from the game, or you leave the battle yourself, then after the first such event your rating will not be recalculated.
    • This feature becomes available again only 18 hours after the next such event. Do not abuse it so that at the right time you can disconnect from the battle without losing your rating.
    • If the exit occurs more often, then the rating of such battles will be equal to zero.
  • Even if you don’t succeed in battles, due to diligence and perseverance, each player can reach the “Gold” league. Good skills and team play only help speed up the process.
  • Rewards for leagues (from “Iron” to “Gold”):
    • “Iron” league: 2 stickers “Fight club”;
    • “Steel” league: 2 stickers “Woolen wolf”;
    • “Bronze” league: decor “Tactical birch” and an emblem for banner customization;
    • “Silver” league: 2 stickers “Beast monarch” and a background for banner customization.
    • “Gold” league: decors “Solduck” and “Goddess of victory”.
  • “Legend” league:
    • The amount of available places in the “Legend” league is limited (500 places in this event);
    • If you occupy the last place in the “Legend”, and the player from the “Gold” league scores more rating points than you currently have, then he enters the “Legend” league, and you move to the “Gold” league.
  • Once the event ends, the top 500 players will receive a reward based on their position at the time the event ends.
    • Places from 500 to 51: a container with a tradable epic part of your choice.
    • Places from 50 to 11: 2 containers with a tradable epic part of your choice.
    • Places from 10 to 4: 1 container with a tradable legendary part of your choice.
    • Places from 3 to 1: 2 containers with a tradable legendary part of your choice.
  • As a reward for each battle, you also get scrap metal. The amount of the received resource depends on your effectiveness in battle.

Crossout's “Spring Mayhem” will last until May 14th, and for completing tasks in it, players will receive containers with valuable in-game resources.

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