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SwissGames presents 22 of the best Swiss studios at gamescom 2023

SwissGames presents 22 of the best Swiss studios at gamescom 2023

Published: Monday, July 10, 2023Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Industry

SwissGames (@SwissGames) an initiative by the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, will be at gamescom in Cologne to showcase 22 Swiss studios and their latest games. The line-up features a diverse mix of 2D and 3D games, from hand-drawn artistic single-player experiences to brightly coloured multiplayer titles.

SwissGames presents 22 of the best Swiss studios at gamescom 2023

Some highlights of the games presented this year are the action rogue-lite Munch by Mac n Cheese Games, the whimsical spooky-noir game Tom the postgirl by Oopsie Daisies, the party racing game Ultimate Godspeed by Ninoko and the charming third-person RPG Wéko the Mask Gatherer.

Munch is an action rogue-lite set in a dark fantasy world. Players defeat enemies and then eat them in the spirit of the game's title. This allows them to take on new forms and learn new abilities. That way, they keep evolving based on what they eat - true to the motto "You are what you eat".

Tom the postgirl is a hand-drawn 2D adventure game with a healthy dose of dark humor and (questionable) decisions. Players follow Tom, a girl who is not very good at her actual job of delivering packages. But Tom is all the better at stalking the villagers. In the game, players make decisions that have dramatic consequences.

Ultimate Godspeed is a party racing game that players can play on their own, with or against their friends. To win, players either build shortcuts with ramps or platforms, or try to eliminate the competition with well-placed traps. They just have to be careful not to end up in these traps themselves!

Wéko the Mask Gatherer is an action-adventure about the gecko Wéko, who collects masks in an atmospheric world and uncovers dark secrets in the process. The charmingly designed world invites exploration and gradually opens up to players. The challenging gameplay includes battles, the use of the masks collected by Wéko, and the abilities they grant him.

The following titles will be at gamescom 2023 from August 23-27 as part of the SwissGames line-up:

  1. Bold Beasts by 5am Games
  2. Rottenburg by Dama Dama Games
  3. Plank Builders by Diditopia Games
  4. Aestik by Hooded Traveler Games
  5. Pocket Oasis by knit’n’purl game studio
  6. Pool Party by Lakeview Games
  7. Castle Come by lauflauf
  8. Munch by Mac n Cheese Games
  9. Flying Legends by Momento Games
  10. Don't be Estranger by Naraven
  11. Psychotic Bathtub by natsha
  12. Ultimate Godspeed by Ninoko
  13. Echo of the Waves by Oneira Games
  14. Tom the postgirl by Oopsie Daisies
  15. Wéko the Mask Gatherer by SIRO GAMES
  16. Grimoire Groves by Stardust
  17. Crow's Nest by Strangers
  18. Truth Detectives by Studio ZB
  19. Seven Dwarfs: Legends Untold by Surprised Turtle Studios
  20. Circle of Kerzoven by Kerzoven
  21. Turtles by Twisted BrainZ
  22. LightClash AR by Vizar Technologies

Studios Stardust, SIRO GAMES, Ninoko, Team Kerzoven and Diditopia Games will be exhibiting at the Indie Arena Booth.

Those who would like to see the games for themselves and meet the developers will find the SwissGames booth in Hall 4.1, booth number C050g - B041g, in the Business Area of gamescom. On Wednesday, 23 August from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m., the Business Breakfast will take place. Registrations for this can be made via email. Another opportunity for networking (no registration required) will also be offered on Thursday, 24 August from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. with Swiss Drinks.

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