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Velocity 2X Now Available For Digital Pre-order On Xbox One

Velocity 2X Now Available For Digital Pre-order On Xbox One

Published: Friday, August 14, 2015Tagged: Gaming, Pre-order, Xbox Store, Xbox One,

Sierra Games sci-fi platformer and shoot 'em-up adventure game 'Velocity 2X' is now available for digital  pre-order and pre-download on Xbox One - Dual Core & Critical Urgency DLC included.

Velocity 2X Now Available For Digital Pre-order On Xbox One

Become a certified badass. Abducted by a race of hostile aliens, Lt. Kai Tana must use her quick reflexes and the teleporting power of the Quarp Jet to free her fellow prisoners and find a way home. Swapping back and forth between top-down vertical shoot ‘em up and side-scrolling action platformer, Velocity 2X blends two unique styles of fast-paced, frenetic gameplay into one incredible experience.

  • High-energy Adventure: Players must pilot the Quarp Jet through dangerous territory, using a variety of weapons and teleporting technology. Then dock your ship and advance through side-scrolling missions to defeat the evil alien race from within!

  • Speed Runner’s Dream: Use Speed Boost pads, on-foot teledash and cybernetic sprints to make it through the game faster!

  • Over 50 Dynamic Levels: Using the Quarp technology, navigate Lt. Tana through hours of gameplay that increases in speed and difficulty as you advance.

  • High Re-playability: Compete against your friends to see who can have the top score! Ranked leaderboards let speed runners compete for fastest time, highest completion percentage and highest overall score!

  • Neon Future: Take players to the stars with colorfully bold visual effects and a pulsing electronic soundtrack co-created by award-winning game composer Joris de Man.

  • NEW FEATURE Daily Challenge: Come back daily for exclusive new maps, complete with their own leaderboards!

  • Dual Core & Critical Urgency DLC Packs Included: 16 additional mind-melting levels to master advanced techniques!

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