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Multiverse Designer Goes Cyberpunk in New Video Update

Multiverse Designer Goes Cyberpunk in New Video Update

Published: Monday, February 26, 2024Tagged: Gaming, Industry

In its latest update, Toopan Games reveals how Multiverse Designer can shape any setting, besides medieval fantasy. The studio has produced a cyberpunk setting, with a futuristic bar where people with robotic limbs unwind after a rough day in the hive city's underbelly. Multiverse Designer is still running on Kickstarter (@Kickstarter).

Multiverse Designer Goes Cyberpunk in New Video Update

Multiverse Designer is a revolutionary tool for game masters and storytellers alike. With a system as intuitive as it is deep and powerful, it puts in your hands everything you’ve ever dreamed of to create amazing stories. You can design 3D setpieces from scratch with an intuitive drag-and-drop UI, and fully customize them to their finest details – from the lighting to level layout, floor colors and textures, heights… You can then populate the places you create with adventurers, NPCs, or monsters.

Multiverse Designer is also the most immersive virtual tabletop ever created, thanks to features such as the Roleplay Theater tool that brings your character to life with real-time lip-synching; or the fog of war with a dynamic light and shadow system, which makes you experience the world through your character’s eyes.

The Kickstarter campaign has already reached 70% of its funding goal of USD 60,000. The virtual tabletop is seeking the help of the community to reach its full potential. Join the Multiverse Designer campaign, subscribe to its newsletter, or follow it on social media to stay up to date.

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