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VersusNow Unveils Revolutionary Streaming Service for Immediate Gaming and Safe Cash Tournaments

VersusNow Unveils Revolutionary Streaming Service for Immediate Gaming and Safe Cash Tournaments

Published: Tuesday, April 02, 2024Tagged: Gaming, Industry

Volcano Diver has launched VersusNow, a pioneering platform that rewards gaming skill with cash and gives developers a novel toolkit with the VersusNow SDK for game creation." VersusNow has concluded its beta period over the past two months and has launched into official service, with added features including card payment and prize withdrawal functionalities.

VersusNow Unveils Revolutionary Streaming Service for Immediate Gaming and Safe Cash Tournaments

At VersusNow, gamers of all proficiency levels can immerse themselves in their favorite games while engaging in head-to-head competitions for cash prizes, marking a significant advancement in competitive gaming. The platform launches with a lineup of 16 games, including brand-new titles such as 2048 Merge, 21 Solitaire, Bingo, Breaking Donuts, Bubble Shooter, Klondike 1 and 3, Solitaire Pyramid, and Guess Number. Players can enter matches by purchasing tickets and stand a chance to win cash rewards based on their performance. Visit for a comprehensive list of all available games.

When gamers first access the VersusNow platform, they can play all games for free and practice their gameplay before competing against other players by purchasing tickets for real matches. Winners of these matches receive their corresponding prize money transferred to their account, which can then be used to purchase more tickets or withdrawn in the form of digital gift cards once a certain amount has accumulated. To ensure fair play, all matches on VersusNow are randomly processed, and players can review their opponent's gameplay in replay format after the match, thus preemptively preventing hacking or cheating issues and providing gamers with a seamless esports experience. All games provided are based on Volcano Diver’s patented proprietary streaming technology, which requires no installation.

For developers seeking to revitalize their game catalog or incorporate competitive gaming elements into future titles, VersusNow offers a hassle-free SDK integration supporting consoles, PC, mobile, and TV platforms via supported browsers. With seamless integration into both multiplayer and single-player games, developers can explore innovative ways to infuse competitiveness into their creations. Key features include support for tournaments and leagues, player rating-driven matchmaking, enticing rewards, incentive programs, and streamlined fund withdrawals supporting various currency types.

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