Twin-Stick Multiplayer Space Brawler 'ORBIT' Out Now On Xbox One

Twin-Stick Multiplayer Space Brawler 'ORBIT' Out Now On Xbox One

Published: Wednesday, September 30, 2015Tagged: Gaming, ID@Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox Store,

4Bit Games' twin-stick multiplayer space brawler, "ORBIT",is now available as a digital-download on Xbox One.

Twin-Stick Multiplayer Space Brawler 'ORBIT' Out Now On Xbox One

Maneuver your ship between planets at breakneck speeds and take gravity into account as you crush your competitors with an epic spaceship arsenal. Use special abilities like shields and teleportation to defeat your enemies, and level up between fights as the madness intensifies in this twin-stick multiplayer space brawler! Duke it out in a big selection of game modes, and discover a tech-tree with countless options and different paths.

Developed by 4Bit Games and published via the ID@Xbox program, ORBIT is available to download now from the Xbox Games Store, priced at $6.99 / £5.59 / € 6,99. The game includes 12 achievements worth 1000 gamer score. Check out the complete list of ORBIT achievements. ORBIT is NOT available in Australia or New Zealand.

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Download: here
Size: 283.07 MB
Xbox One Games: ORBIT
Price: $6.99 / £5.59 / € 6,99

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