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Darkmatter Xbox Laptop Project and DIY Kit. Build your own!

Darkmatter Xbox Laptop Project and DIY Kit. Build your own!

Published: Friday, May 24, 2013Tagged: Gaming, Homebrew, Xbox Hardware,

Introducing Darkmatter, the world's first Xbox laptop that you can buy as a fully assembled product or in kit form. Now Xbox ONE compatible!

Inspired by Ben Heck and many other modders and hackers in the Xbox Community, Darkmatter is the world's first portable Open Source Xbox system that you can buy as a fully finished product, or in kit form.

The project is Open Source and once the funding goal on Kickstarter is met, all design files will be released to the public. The laptop features touch controls for eject, synch, volume etc. It also comes with built in stereo speakers, a headphone jack and an amp. The display is a 15 inch 720p pane. A DVD drive is included and the system is compatible with all Xbox 360 games as it is based on the slim version of the popular Microsoft console.

Darkmatter Xbox Laptop Features
  • Thin
  • Xbox 360 and XBox ONE (kit only) compatible
  • Easy to build
  • Affordable
  • Equipped with an internal DVD
  • Able to work with Xbox peripherals such as Kinect(r)
  • Equipped with capacitive touch controls for volume, mute, sync, power etc.

The Darkmatter laptop is powered off the same power brick that comes with your Xbox. When you contribute at the $999 or greater levels, you get a fully functional, ready-to-go Darkmatter unit with the power brick included. Please note, Darkmatter is not equipped with an internal battery.

Darkmatter incorporates an Xbox 360 Slim 4GB inside, which means that it supports Wi-Fi connectivity, Xbox Live and all the other Xbox 360 features. As of Update #1, we've announced Xbox ONE compatibility for the $499 reward level (complete kit).

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