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Fortnite 12.20 Update adds helicopters and Spy Games on XboxONE-HQ.COM
Fortnite 12.20 Update adds helicopters and Spy Games
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Fortnite 12.20 Update adds helicopters and Spy Games
 PostPosted Wed Mar 18, 2020 9:34 am Reply with quote   
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Fortnite Update 12.29, the newest update for FORTNITE, adds Choppa, Spy Games & more. Read the full patch notes!

Battle Royale (Unofficial)

- Choppa is added to the game: Helicopters have arrived in Fortnite.
- Spy Games LTM: The Spy Games – Starting now, jump into the Operation: Dropzone LTM, use the new Tech system to unlock perks to use in the Spy Games, and test out new gadgets.
- There's a new Choppa pad in the Pleasant Park soccer pitch.
- The Oil Rig has been destroyed, but TNTina's still there.
- New Locker design with Loadout Presents feature.

Bug Fixes
- Players markers being placed too far away.
- Players getting stuck inside Porta Potty objects.
- Being unable to place a trap down when the trap icon hasn't finished loading.
- Some buildings and structures around the map appearing in low detail.
- Players being unable to resume Auto-Sprint once stopping.
- Locker missing vault banner.
- At the end of a match, players are unable to use the navigation buttons (returning to the lobby, going to the item shop, or being able to report a player).


Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where Featured Islands using rounds would cause players to not respawn, breaking some games.
- Players will no longer have rubberbanding after putting an island code into a featured portal.
- Players will no longer enter a broken state when flying out of the save volume while setting an island photo.
- ATK's can now smoothly go up ramps.

Weapons + Items
- Added the Epic and Legendary Heavy Assault Rifle.
- Added the Uncommon and Rare Rapid Fire SMG
- Added the Proximity Mine to the Consumables.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the player reverting to an object's default scale when toggling off lock-in-place on the Prop-O-Matic after having locked in place while in the process of possessing a scaled prop.
- Balloons will not persist on players in the following round/game when they were still attached at the end of a round/game.
- Fixed players remaining inside Sneaky Snowman and Creepin' Cardboard when returning to the hub or starting a minigame while hiding in one.
- Fixed players getting out of sync on other players' games when flying while hiding in a Creepin' Cardboard or Sneaky Snowman.
Fixed Cupid's Crossbow bolts not disappearing when they hit their target.

Creative Tools + Phone
- Added the ability to change the hold position of objects when moving with Move Freely. This includes four new options As Selected From Left Centered From Right Bug Fixes
- Fixed the phone tool sometimes being unusable after hopping out of a Creepin' Cardboard or Sneaky Snowman.
- Fixed Grid Snap sometimes showing a different value to the player than what it was actually set to, causing pasted props to snap to a different place than the preview showed.

Prefabs & Galleries
- Added more rugs, art, a clock and a sandcastle to the No Collision Gallery.
- Added two more corn stalks to the Nature Shrub Gallery.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where players couldn't transform into an egg half, with the Prop-O-Matic, if the players was already disguised as an egg half.
- Fixed an issue with the Wild West Roulette Table, where the bottom of the legs was missing a texture.
- Fixed an issue with multiple nature icons showing up with dark shadows.
- Players can now interact with The Yacht Gold Railing with the phone tool.
- Fixed an issue with the Art Deco Storefront Window Corner Prop, not allowing phone tool interaction.
- Fixed an issue where the red oil drum, from the E.G.O. Prop Gallery, had turned dark purple.
- Fixed an issue where The Yacht's Railings were displaced.
- Fixed an issue with the Coral Cove Prop Gallery, where some rocks were purple, instead of gray.
- Corrected the type of material granted for various assets.
- Assets from the Egg Gallery are no longer indestructible when Pickaxe Destruction is set to instant.
- Removed excess collision from the Egg Gallery.
- Added assets that were missing from Skye's room in the Shark Island Prop Gallery.

- Added New Feature: Device Renaming: renaming allows you to customize names of each device that has been placed on your island, making it easier to keep track of what each individual device is being used for. This is especially useful for differentiating devices in the Channel Browser.
- Any device that can be customized can be renamed.
- Added several new colors to the Billboard's Text Color option.
Concrete White, Alto Gray, Silver, Dark Silver, Middle Gray, Carbon, Light Green, Fuchsia, Cyan, Brown, Candy Orange, Lavender Purple, Sandstone Yellow, Olive Green (New Default: Alto Gray)
- Added two matchmaking-related options to the Round Settings Device
- Disable Matchmaking on Round End (Yes, No, Default: No).
- Disable Matchmaking when Receiving From
Both of these options stop players being matchmade into the server. Will also stop players joining in progress . This only applies to published islands that have matchmaking enabled.
- Channel Browser: A number of devices that did not previously appear in the 'All Devices' section of the Channel Browser will now be listed.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed an issue where the Elimination Manager would have an extremely large selection box when selecting with the phone tool.
- Fixed an issue where the Explosive Device would show the Badge Style Health Bar when the device was set to be Invisible and with Collision disabled. This will now only show when invisible if it has collision.
- Fixed an issue where item previews on some devices with Item Inventories would not update when the contents were cleared.
- Triggers set to invisible will no longer have collision.
- Fixed an issue where plate based devices could in some cases have collision.
- The Class Selector will update its color properly.
- Fixed an issue where the Class Selector would not activate if the player was inside the volume when it was enabled.
- Fixed several issues where the Class Selector would not match up visually to its Enabled state.
- Spawn pads will correctly spawn players when set to Pregame.
- The Explosive Device's health bar will respect the not visible setting if chosen.
- The interact button prompt will appear for the change island function on a personal rift.
- The Advanced Storm Beacon will now move storms randomly if set to "move randomly."
- The visual effects of the power up no longer persist after ending a game.

UI + Social
- Creators can now rename devices using the new "More Options" menu in the property editor.
- While in the hub, islands that contain players will have their info displayed from a much larger distance to help players find one another and play together.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed "[Button] to release a balloon" prompt staying on the screen if the player respawned while it was active.

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Fortnite 12.20 Update adds helicopters and Spy Games
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so over fortnite!
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