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Castle Invasion: Throne Out Achievements

Full list of Castle Invasion: Throne Out achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Castle Invasion: Throne Out has 19 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

On a Bow String Budget On a Bow String Budget 0 Fully Upgrade the Bow 50
Ex Spear-imental Weaponry Ex Spear-imental Weaponry 0 Fully Upgrade the Spear 50
Automatic Charges Automatic Charges 0 Fully Upgrade the Crossbow 50
Who Says Money Can't Buy Happiness? Who Says Money Can't Buy Happiness? 0 Unlock all Upgrades! 100
Variety is the Spice of...Spears Variety is the Spice of...Spears 0 Hit Every Enemy Type With the Spear 30
Always Wear a Seatbelt Always Wear a Seatbelt 0 Knock a Dwarf Off a Hog 15
A Tall Order A Tall Order 0 Defeat 50 Dwarves 25
Spear Me the Pun Spear Me the Pun 0 Unlock the Spear 30
In to the Dark Ages In to the Dark Ages 0 Complete a Night Level 30
It's About Time It's About Time 0 Collect 3 Stars in a Time Level 30
Star-tling Progress Star-tling Progress 0 Collect 100 Stars 100
Many Re-star-ts Later	Many Re-star-ts Later 0 Collect 150 Stars 125

Secret Achievements

Exchanging Peasantaries Exchanging Peasantaries 0 Complete Level 1 20
Tipping the Scales Tipping the Scales 0 Defeat the King's Dragon 30
The Art of Trolling The Art of Trolling 0 Defeat the King's Troll 40
Just a Fletch Wound Just a Fletch Wound 0 Defeat the Evil Archer 50
Stand Tall Stand Tall 0 Defeat the King's Commander 75
Receding Heir Line Receding Heir Line 0 Defeat the King! 100
Just Star-ting Out Just Star-ting Out 0 Collect 50 Stars 50