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Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Achievements

Find all the Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

There are 42 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Dream Team Dream Team 0 Have 5 characters in your team 15
Compromising drawings Compromising drawings 0 Help the Sister of Secrets 15
The Explorer The Explorer 0 Solve the puzzle in the Room of 9 Pillars 30
Job well done! Job well done! 0 Honor a Contract 15
Picturesque Picturesque 0 Create 10 Recipes 15
Elementary, my dear Poky Elementary, my dear Poky 0 Discover 10 Interest Points 15
Cow-Boy Cow-Boy 0 Acquire an Amos 15
Botanist Botanist 0 Have Kaorys decrypt a Plant Shi 15
Eclectic Electric Eclectic Electric 0 Have Irys decrypt a Lightning Shi 15
Raw Talent Raw Talent 0 Finish a fight without getting hit 15
Old school style Old school style 0 Win 100 combats without using magic 15
Shi means to live! Shi means to live! 0 Win 100 combats only using magic 15
Zoologist Zoologist 0 Capture 50 wildlife 15
It’s really going down! It’s really going down! 0 Collect 100,000 Uzu 15
Square One Square One 0 Spend 100,000 Uzu 15
You can’t stop me! You can’t stop me! 0 Inflict 100 guard breaks 15
S for Sensational S for Sensational 0 Achieve rank S 100 times 15
In the end In the end 0 Reach level 50 with every character 15
Catch 'em all! Catch 'em all! 0 Catch one of every wildlife 15
The Rumble King The Rumble King 0 Beat one of each kind of enemy 15
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter 0 Finish all secondary quests and all contracts 30
The Notorious S.H.I. The Notorious S.H.I. 0 Master every Combo with every character 15
Shi Master Shi Master 0 Unlock all Spells 15
Supreme Tactician Supreme Tactician 0 Unlock all Supports 15
The Ultimate Predator The Ultimate Predator 0 Acquire the Hunting Shoes 15
Traps for Dummies Traps for Dummies 0 Trigger 50 traps 15
Featherweight Featherweight 0 Get knocked out 50 times 15
Lazybutt Lazybutt 0 Achieve rank F 10 times 15
Hard-as-nails Hard-as-nails 0 Drop down to 1 HP 15
Another world Another world 0 Discover all of Rosalya’s doors 90
Gourmet Gourmet 0 Consume every consumable with Poky (at least once) 15
Major class Major class 0 Kill an enemy with the Hyper attack 15
A class apart A class apart 0 Win 50 fights without getting hit by the enemy 15
Beat the music Beat the music 0 Defeat an enemy using Engagement only 15
Some like it fat Some like it fat 0 Beat a legend with rank S 110
Serkan Gear Solid Serkan Gear Solid 0 Reach Adorya station without setting off a single alarm 15
Invincible Invincible 0 Finish the game (with NO Game Over) 110

Secret Achievements

The Fallen King The Fallen King 0 Defeat Meos 30
The Matriarch The Matriarch 0 Defeat Mother 30
Iron Man Iron Man 0 Break free of Ayron 30
Rumbling thunder Rumbling thunder 0 Defeat Irys 30
Rampant betrayal Rampant betrayal 0 Defeat Kaorys 30