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Saturday Morning RPG Achievements

Full list of Saturday Morning RPG achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Saturday Morning RPG has 85 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Macchio Macchio 0 Win 10 battles 5
Lundgren Lundgren 0 Win 50 battles 10
Van Damme Van Damme 0 Win 100 battles 15
Stallone Stallone 0 Win 150 battles 20
Norris Norris 0 Win 225 battles 30
Number Five Is Alive Number Five Is Alive 0 Reach Level 5 5
These Go To Eleven These Go To Eleven 0 Reach Level 11 10
Jump Street Jump Street 0 Reach Level 21 15
You're the Best! You're the Best! 0 Reach Level 50 25
Chester Copperpot Chester Copperpot 0 Get 100 Exploration Bonuses 10
RcRoll'd RcRoll'd 0 Find and open 100 RcMeal Boxes 10
Outatime Outatime 0 Scratch all five stickers before battle 5
Hood Genocider Hood Genocider 0 Defeat 400 hood soldiers. 25
1.21 Gigawatts 1.21 Gigawatts 0 Cause 121 damage with an energy weapon 5
16 Candles 16 Candles 0 Burn enemies 16 times in one battle 10
It's Sticky It's Sticky 0 Collect all 128 Scratch N' Sniff Stickers 30
Total Protonic Reversal Total Protonic Reversal 0 Max out your multiplier 5
Why'd it Have To Be Snakes? Why'd it Have To Be Snakes? 0 Defeat 250 Lizard Men 15
Better Off Dead Better Off Dead 0 Die 20 times 5
Rise From Your Grave Rise From Your Grave 0 Retry a fight and win 5
Goonies Never Die Goonies Never Die 0 Beat an entire episode without dying 10
Righteous Dude Righteous Dude 0 Score 200 Righteous Defenses 20
Jurk Murderer Jurk Murderer 0 Collect dinner for a friend 10
Gordon Gordon 0 Get rich! (Have over $5,000) 20
Wild Stallions Wild Stallions 0 Use equine based attacks 30 times 10
Albert Albert 0 Eat 75 food items 10
Loved By Good Loved By Good 0 Complete 2 different episodes 10
Feared By Evil Feared By Evil 0 Complete 4 different episodes 15
Working Overtime Fighting Crime Working Overtime Fighting Crime 0 Complete 5 different episodes 20
No Guts No Glory No Guts No Glory 0 Help a student flush his toots 10
Dreams Come True Dreams Come True 0 Flush all the school pets down the toilet 10
The Fonz The Fonz 0 Get a battle rank of A or higher five different times. 10
Perfect Stranger Perfect Stranger 0 Get a triple S ranking in battle. 10
I'd Buy That For a Dollar I'd Buy That For a Dollar 0 Buy 50 items from vending machines 10
Stanley's Vendetta Stanley's Vendetta 0 Destroy the gruel in Episode 2. 10
May's Report May's Report 0 Don't destroy the gruel in Episode 2. 10
Wonderful Toys Wonderful Toys 0 Pick up or buy 100 objects. 10
Punch-Out Punch-Out 0 Defeat an enemy with a critical punch. 5
Tyson Tyson 0 Defeat 10 enemies with a punch. 10
Electric Slide Electric Slide 0 Get a righteous rating on a weapon slider 10 times. 5
Charged with Battery Charged with Battery 0 Try all three charging methods. 5
BADGES!? BADGES!? 0 Win a fight without scratching any stickers. 5
Absolutely Nothing! Absolutely Nothing! 0 Scratch the cardboard box sticker. 5
Twin Pines Twin Pines 0 Play an episode twice. 10
Does Machines Does Machines 0 Destroy 100 Sphere Bots. 15
Ask Your Parents Ask Your Parents 0 Spend $1,000 on 900 numbers. 10
Supplies! Supplies! 0 Get every one of the cereal box's surprises. 10
Deflective Deflective 0 Deflect 50 projectiles. 15
Minion Minion 0 Defeat Wave 5 of Endless Battle. 10
Lackey Lackey 0 Defeat Wave 10 of Endless Battle. 15
Commander Commander 0 Defeat Wave 15 of Endless Battle. 20
Thunderdome Thunderdome 0 Win an arena battle. 10
Fighting the Frizzies at Eleven Fighting the Frizzies at Eleven 0 Win a battle against the Frizzies. 10
It's a Trap! It's a Trap! 0 Use the safety scissors to pull an enemy across a bomb. 10

Secret Achievements

Mess With The Bull... Mess With The Bull... 0 Decide to fight Bertha for Bobby Jett. 10
You'll Get The Horns You'll Get The Horns 0 Walk away from the Bertha fight. 10
Lead the Team Lead the Team 0 Stop the HOOD forces in Shadow Valley. 10
Cool But Crude Cool But Crude 0 Flood Ben's porta-potty. 10
Party Dude Party Dude 0 Drain Ben's porta-potty. 10
Ticket Purchaser Ticket Purchaser 0 Buy Henry's ticket for Ash. 10
Ticket Thief Ticket Thief 0 Hire Charles Cheezer to "talk" to Henry. 10
I Got Your Number I Got Your Number 0 Call Jenny for a good time. 10
The Only Way To Win The Only Way To Win 0 Defeat Super Computah. 10
Feeling Randy Feeling Randy 0 Hook Sarah up with Randy Greenback. 10
Team Effort Team Effort 0 Hook Sarah up with the Basketball Team. 10
A Friend Indeed A Friend Indeed 0 Hook Sarah up with Matt Conroy. 10
Everybody Hates Chris Everybody Hates Chris 0 Hook Sarah up with Chris Rock. 10
Bully The Bully Bully The Bully 0 Force Blake to go on a date with Sarah. 10
All Valley Karate Champ All Valley Karate Champ 0 Crane kick Billy. 10
Mirror, Mirror Mirror, Mirror 0 Defeat Evil Marty. 50
A Crummy Commercial A Crummy Commercial 0 Use the decoder ring. 5
You'll Shoot Your Eye Out You'll Shoot Your Eye Out 0 Shoot your eye out with the BB Gun. 5
Garbage Compactor 3263827 Garbage Compactor 3263827 0 Compact Ben in the trash compactor. 10
Ben's Only Hope Ben's Only Hope 0 Save Ben from the trash compactor. 10
Blast It Will You?! Blast It Will You?! 0 Defeat the Trash Monster. 10
Break On Through Break On Through 0 Defeat the Lizard King. 10
Where The Real Money Is Made Where The Real Money Is Made 0 Retrieve Charles Cheezer's merchandise. 10
Extra! Extra! Extra! Extra! 0 Collect the newspapers for Derek. 10
I Hate Mondays I Hate Mondays 0 Defeat Adrian the cyberdaemon, lord of pizza. 40
Reunited Reunited 0 Get Todd and Mary back together. 10
Electric Shoes Electric Shoes 0 Make Kev the robot band frontman. 10
Rock Band Rock Band 0 Make Chris the robot band frontrock. 10
Never Had One Lesson! Never Had One Lesson! 0 Make Bearris the robot band frontman. 10
Music Pirate Music Pirate 0 Make Captain Crunch the robot band frontman. 10
Sunglasses At Night Sunglasses At Night 0 Wear your sunglasses at night 5