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Your Toy Achievements

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There are 22 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Game Start Game Start 0 Get out from the cubicle once 30
Secret of lights Secret of lights 0 Turn off/on the lights for five times 30
Nice Try Nice Try 0 QTE success for the first time 50
Observer Observer 0 Pull the Camera for five times 30
Good eyesight Good eyesight 0 Pick up three items 40
Suspicion Suspicion 0 Knock off all tiles 50
Master Locksmith Master Locksmith 0 Open the safe for the first time 70
Repairman Repairman 0 Success to repair the dryer 30
Destroyer Destroyer 0 Hit the windows/mirrors for ten times 40
Criterium Criterium 0 Have not be catched by the bear during the breaking wall event 70
FVC FVC 0 Finish the underwater event 60
Memory Corridor Memory Corridor 0 Get in the cave 30
Lost Lost 0 Stay in the cave over three minutes 40
Nice song Nice song 0 Stop the bear get into the Inverted bedroom 40
Good Luck Good Luck 0 Find the key when you break the light in the cave for the first time 50
Childhood Childhood 0 Get into the nomal bedroom 30
Innocence Innocence 0 Touch the lights in the bedroom for five times 40
Slum Dunk Slum Dunk 0 Throw the bear into water for the first time 70
Voyeur Voyeur 0 Watch the peephole on the bedroom door for four times 40
Not good at this game Not good at this game 0 Game over for three times 40
Collector Collector 0 Collect all items 50
Repent Repent 0 Finish the Game 70