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Iron Harvest Complete Edition Achievements

Full list of Iron Harvest Complete Edition achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Iron Harvest Complete Edition has 35 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Special Forces Special Forces 0 Attained elite rank with one of your units. 20
Iron Giant Iron Giant 0 Built a Tur, Gulyay-Gorod, Kaiser or Samson. 20
Welcome to the Front Welcome to the Front 0 Played your first match in multiplayer or skirmish. 20
Brute Force Brute Force 0 Won a match by destroying all enemy HQs. 20
Strategic Superiority Strategic Superiority 0 Won a match by earning enough Victory Points. 20
Clay of the Modern Age Clay of the Modern Age 0 Acquired 100000 Iron in total. 20
Lifeblood of the Modern Age Lifeblood of the Modern Age 0 Acquired 100000 Oil in total. 20
A Fate Worse Than Most A Fate Worse Than Most 0 Defeated 100 units with a Flamethrower squad. 20
The Iron Harvest The Iron Harvest 0 Harvested 500 wrecks. 50
Tools of the Trade Tools of the Trade 0 Picked up 1000 pieces of equipment. 20
We Have Reserves We Have Reserves 0 Reinforced 5000 soldiers in total. 20
No Man Left Behind No Man Left Behind 0 Retreated with 1000 units in total. 20
On Your Feet! On Your Feet! 0 Revived a hero. 20
No Rest for the Weary No Rest for the Weary 0 Revived a hero 3 times in the same mission. 20
Bunker Buster Bunker Buster 0 Destroyed 50 enemy bunkers in total. 20
Mechanized Warfare Mechanized Warfare 0 Built 1000 mechs. 50
Steadfast Steadfast 0 Played 500 Matches or Missions in total. 50
War is Always Hungry War is Always Hungry 0 Conquered 1000 resource points 35
Master Builder Master Builder 0 Constructed 100 structures. 35
Giant Slayer Giant Slayer 0 Destroyed 1000 enemy mechs. 35
Only Victims in War Only Victims in War 0 Killed 100 enemy heroes. 35
Spoils of War Spoils of War 0 Collected 1000 resource stockpiles. 35
Seasoned Veteran Seasoned Veteran 0 Won 100 Skirmish Matches. 20
Total Victory Total Victory 0 Won a match with a Victory Point outcome of 500:0. 35
No Guts, No Glory No Guts, No Glory 0 Won a match without ever retreating or reinforcing. 35
Par Avion Par Avion 0 Won a match in the Drop Zone gamemode. 20
Taking Flight Taking Flight 0 Built your first airship. 20
The Best of the Best The Best of the Best 0 Attained rank IV with any hero. 20
A New Contender A New Contender 0 Won a challenge map. 20
The Story Continues The Story Continues 0 Finished all Campaign Missions. 50
The Price Paid The Price Paid 0 Finished all Polania Missions. 35
The Shadow Revealed The Shadow Revealed 0 Finished all Rusviet Missions. 35
The War Delayed The War Delayed 0 Finished all Saxony Missions. 35
A Nation United? A Nation United? 0 Finished all Rusviet Revolution Missions. 35
The Eagle or the Vulture? The Eagle or the Vulture? 0 Finished all Usonia Missions. 35