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Wick Achievements

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There are 37 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

First Hour First Hour 0 Survive Hour One 10
Second Hour Second Hour 0 Survive Hour Two 10
Third Hour Third Hour 0 Survive Hour Three 20
Fourth Hour Fourth Hour 0 Survive Hour Four 20
Fifth Hour Fifth Hour 0 Survive Hour Five 20
Collection A Collection A 0 Find all collectibles for hour one 20
Collection B Collection B 0 Find all collectibles for hour two 20
Collection C Collection C 0 Find all collectibles for hour three 20
Collection D Collection D 0 Find all collectibles for hour four 20
Collection E Collection E 0 Find all collectibles for hour five 20
Lights On Lights On 0 Survive an hour without any darkness 20
Everyone Dies Everyone Dies 0 Die in the first hour 10
Matchstick Man Matchstick Man 0 Survive an hour with only using matches 20
True Detective True Detective 0 Collect all evidence 20
We're Gonna Need A Bigger Fridge We're Gonna Need A Bigger Fridge 0 Collect all drawings 20
Toasty! Toasty! 0 Witness the house burn down 20
Well well well... Well well well... 0 Have three candles on the Well at the same time 20
Last Year... Last Year... 0 Find what is lost 50
Sunday Worship Sunday Worship 0 Go to church 20
Hangin' Out With Dad Hangin' Out With Dad 0 Encounter John Weaver 20
Hide 'n' Seek Hide 'n' Seek 0 Survive Lillian's game 20
This One Time, at Wick Camp... This One Time, at Wick Camp... 0 Explore all of Pine Creek camp 20
Nevermore Nevermore 0 Shoo the stupid bird seven times 20
Mommy Dearest Mommy Dearest 0 Encounter Mary Weaver 20
Hidden in the Darkness Hidden in the Darkness 0 Unlock the secret game 50

Secret Achievements

Epilogue Epilogue 0 Survive the Epilogue 50
Reveal the Truth... Reveal the Truth... 0 Unlock the epilogue 50
Dig THIS! Dig THIS! 0 Survive Caleb after he surfaces 20
Claustrophobia Claustrophobia 0 Survive being trapped in the shack with Thomas 20
A Bridge Two Fear A Bridge Two Fear 0 Survive the twins on the bridge 20
Go Back To Sleep Go Back To Sleep 0 Survive Benny after he wakes up. 20
The Rock of "Nope" The Rock of "Nope" 0 Survive encountering Lillian at the large rock 20
Schooled! Schooled! 0 Survive encountering Tim on the school bus 20
Laid to Rest... Laid to Rest... 0 Deliver all lost items 50
No Way Out No Way Out 0 Complete the prequel 50
... And I Can Not Lie ... And I Can Not Lie 0 Complete the secret game 50
Wicked Wicked 0 100% complete the game 100