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Forma.8 Achievements

Find all the Forma.8 achievements, latest news & rumors, previews, screenshots and updates for Xbox.

There are 30 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Open world Open world 0 Open all passages 30
In top shape In top shape 0 Find all Energy Flowers 30
Find them all Find them all 0 Find the first artefact 20
Addicted to life Addicted to life 0 Find the first Energy Flower 20
Another lead Another lead 0 Find the first Secret Object 20
Antique collector Antique collector 0 Find 25 artefacts 20

Secret Achievements

formed adventurer formed adventurer 0 Unlock all other achievements 150
The End...? The End...? 0 Discover the Wrecked Ship 55
The End The End 0 Defeat the Evil forma 55
You're not alone You're not alone 0 Find the lost forma 50
Is that....? Is that....? 0 Find the Futuridium ship 50
One too many dimensions One too many dimensions 0 Reach the Dystopian Fortress 50
Far too late Far too late 0 Find the depleted Energy Source 50
Go veg Go veg 0 Beat the Fire Plant 30!!!!!! 0 Kill the Corrupted forma 30
In a hurry In a hurry 0 Escape the energy swarm 30
Derailed Derailed 0 Destroy the Guardian Turret 30
Rust In Peace Rust In Peace 0 Defeat the Wrecked Titan 30
Xenofeelings Xenofeelings 0 Reunite the alien family 30
Harmless no more Harmless no more 0 Reactivate your Shield 20
Drop it Drop it 0 Reactivate your Bomb 20
Sonic boom Sonic boom 0 Reactivate your Turbo 20
Abracadabra Abracadabra 0 Reactivate your Teleport 20
Low profile Low profile 0 Gain the disguise skill 20
Need for speed Need for speed 0 Reactivate the Mini Turbo upgrade 20
Double pleasure Double pleasure 0 Reactivate the Dual Bomb upgrade 20
Close and personal Close and personal 0 Reactivate the SuperShield upgrade 20
Relentless Relentless 0 Reactivate the Enhanced Cooldown upgrade 20
Not lost enough Not lost enough 0 Unlock access to the Lost Temple 20
Dark waters Dark waters 0 Return to the Mysterious Island by night 20