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KONA Achievements

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There are 35 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Rendezvous Rendezvous 0 Reach the General Store. 10
A Mari Usque Ad Mare A Mari Usque Ad Mare 0 Complete the game. 75
Onwards on foot! Onwards on foot! 0 Complete the game without using vehicles (past the Store). 75
Firearms Registry Firearms Registry 0 Complete the game without firing any firearms shot. 100
Prohibition Prohibition 0 Complete the game without drinking any alcohol. 20
Pink Lungs Pink Lungs 0 Complete the game without smoking any cigarettes. 20
Mechanic Mechanic 0 Repair the snowmobile. 30
The Hunt The Hunt 0 Find all crossbow bolts. 40
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter 0 Collect the 10 letters from Martin Blais' treasure hunt. 50
Nature Lover Nature Lover 0 Get rid of wolves without killing. 15
Jeweller Jeweller 0 Find three talismans. 20
Talismaniac! Talismaniac! 0 Find all talismans. 50
Reader Reader 0 Find all documents. 50
Astronaut Astronaut 0 Activate the spaceship. 30
Revolution! Revolution! 0 Find the rifle. 10
S.O.S. S.O.S. 0 Send a radio message with a big antenna. 10
A star in the night A star in the night 0 Shoot a flare at night. 10
KABOOM! KABOOM! 0 Clear the boulders near the Lachances' house. 15
Cozy ambiance Cozy ambiance 0 Light a dark area with the lantern. 10
Photographer Photographer 0 Take a picture needed for the investigation. 10
Paparazzi Paparazzi 0 Take all pictures needed for the investigation. 75
Carl the Explorer Carl the Explorer 0 Find every house and cabin in the village. 20
Marshmallows Marshmallows 0 Find all campfires in the wild. 30
Vegan Vegan 0 Throw a steak at a strange creature. 15
Chess Master Chess Master 0 End the unfinished chess games. 25

Secret Achievements

Last Stand Last Stand 0 Complete Gilles Lachance's vision. 20
Frosty Relationship Frosty Relationship 0 Complete Gisèle Lachance's vision. 20
Lost Cause Lost Cause 0 Complete Réjean Blouin's vision. 20
Journey in the Hereafter Journey in the Hereafter 0 Complete Jean-Guy Lamothe's vision. 20
Fall of the Wall Fall of the Wall 0 Get rid of the ice wall. 20
The Murderer The Murderer 0 Find Hamilton's killer. 20
Winter is Coming Winter is Coming 0 Find a winter coat to keep you warm. 20
Sorry, eh? Sorry, eh? 0 In typical Canadian fashion, Carl left $10 for the cutoff chain. 10
Carl Faubert, Private Investigator Carl Faubert, Private Investigator 0 Find all evidence tied to Hamilton's death. 20
Bulletproof Bulletproof 0 Shoot the Wendigo with the rifle. 15