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The Wild Eight Achievements

Full list of The Wild Eight achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

The Wild Eight has 18 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

The Wild One The Wild One 0 All quests completed 200
The End of Story The End of Story 0 Primary quest completed 100
Home, Sweet Home Home, Sweet Home 0 All rooms in the HUB unlocked 50
40 Skills, 140 Times 40 Skills, 140 Times 0 Level up every skill to their maximum level 75
40 Skills, 1 Time 40 Skills, 1 Time 0 Learn all 40 skills 50
Survival Expert Survival Expert 0 Survive until Day 100 45
A New Month A New Month 0 Survive until the 31st Day 40
Time Flies Time Flies 0 Survive until the 4th Day 15
The Crash Was Just The Beginning The Crash Was Just The Beginning 0 Complete the first story quest 25
Where Were You In August 1992 Where Were You In August 1992 0 Complete "The Door" quest 25
Alone In The Bunker Alone In The Bunker 0 Complete "Home, Sweet Home" quest 50
I'm The Alpha I'm The Alpha 0 Kill a Wolf for the first time 20
Real Bunny Hunter Real Bunny Hunter 0 Kill a Rabbit using a Trap for the first time 60
Unexpectedly Tasty Unexpectedly Tasty 0 Eat human meat for the first time 15
Winter Farm Winter Farm 0 Plant 8 seedlings in the HUB greenhouse 75
Dinner For Eight Dinner For Eight 0 Cook every type of meat 8 times 70
Spelunker Spelunker 0 Find a glowing diamond and equip it while in the caverns 35
Welcome To The VAPOR-3 Transit System Welcome To The VAPOR-3 Transit System 0 Use the Transist System with VAPOR-3 Suit, VAPOR-3 Boots, VAPOR-3 Helmet, and a Crowbar equipped 50