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System Shock Achievements

Full list of System Shock achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

System Shock has 46 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

All Patched Up All Patched Up 0 Vous avez utilisé chaque type de patch dermatologique 10
System Shocked System Shocked 0 Recharged 20 times at a Power Station 20
Look At You, Snacker Look At You, Snacker 0 Consumed 30 Food and Drink items 20
Garbage Collection Garbage Collection 0 Salvaged 100 Junk Items at Salvage Stations 20
En Garde! En Garde! 0 Acquired a Laser Rapier 10
This Is My Boomstick! This Is My Boomstick! 0 Discovered all Firearms 20
Not Even My Final Form Not Even My Final Form 0 Found and installed every Weapon Modkit 15
Maxed Out Maxed Out 0 Found the final version of all Hardware Attachments 15
Load ‘em Up! Load ‘em Up! 0 Purchased 10 ammunition items from Ammo Depots 10
Hacking Skillz Hacking Skillz 0 Solved 15 Circuit or Wire Panels without using a Logic Probe 25
Remote Control Remote Control 0 Hacked 20 enemies which have been acquired by the Target ID Hardware 15
Goldberg’s Ricochet Goldberg’s Ricochet 0 Killed an enemy by bouncing a shot from the Ion Rifle 10
Neon Annihilation Neon Annihilation 0 Killed two or more enemies with a single Plasma Core 10
Zapper Zapper 0 Killed two or more enemies with a single Railgun Projectile 10
TV Dinner TV Dinner 0 Killed an enemy with an Overhead Monitor 10
Asunder The Influence Asunder The Influence 0 Killed 10 enemies while under the effect of the Berserk Combat Booster 10
Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb 0 Killed three or more enemies with a single explosive weapon 15
Déjà Vu Déjà Vu 0 Defeated Edward Diego while en route to the Life Pods 25
Finish Him! Finish Him! 0 Killed Diego with the Laser Rapier 20
Get Ahead Get Ahead 0 Defeated all of the Cortex Reavers on Citadel Station 30
Off The Grid Off The Grid 0 Destroyed all of SHODAN’s cameras and CPU Nodes 25
The Inside Scoop The Inside Scoop 0 Found all Audio Logs and Data Sticks on Citadel Station 30
Look At You, Hacker Look At You, Hacker 0 Completed the game on any difficulty 30
Don’t Forget To Salt The Fries Don’t Forget To Salt The Fries 0 Completed the game on the highest difficulties 50
Supersleuth Supersleuth 0 Discovered a hidden door 5
Enjoy Your Purchase Enjoy Your Purchase 0 Purchased a grenade from a vending machine 5
The Longest Jump The Longest Jump 0 Jumped across the big ramp in the Storage level 10
En Passant En Passant 0 Solved the Chess Puzzle in Delta Grove 15
Gut-Wrenching Gut-Wrenching 0 Found the hidden Wrench. This looks familiar... 10
In the Not Too Distant Future In the Not Too Distant Future 0 Found the hidden Audio Log 10
Head Hunter Head Hunter 0 Found Skully, the Nightdive skull, on every level 25

Secret Achievements

I'll See You Again, Hacker I'll See You Again, Hacker 0 Collected all achievements 100
Through The Looking Glass Through The Looking Glass 0 Exited the Medical Healing Suites 10
Decrypted Decrypted 0 Destroyed the Medical CPU Nodes 25
Shields Up! Shields Up! 0 Deployed Isotope X-22 and enabled the Radiation Shields 25
Override Superposition Override Superposition 0 Disabled the Safety Override for the Mining Laser 25
Thermal BOOMing Thermal BOOMing 0 Destroyed the Mining Laser 25
I'll Be Back I'll Be Back 0 Defeated Edward Diego 25
Jargon Cypher Jargon Cypher 0 Replaced Interface Demodulator and fixed Subsystem Relay 428 25
Anti-Virus Anti-Virus 0 Jettisoned Beta Grove on the Executive Level 25
No Reception No Reception 0 Destroyed the Antenna Relays on the Systems Engineering Level 25
Can’t Turn Back Now Can’t Turn Back Now 0 Started the Reactor Self-Destruct Countdown 25
Edward DIEgo Edward DIEgo 0 Killed Edward Diego 30
Hacker? You Hardly Know’er! Hacker? You Hardly Know’er! 0 Destroyed the Cyber Core in each Cyberspace level 25
The Key To Vector Sigma The Key To Vector Sigma 0 Used the Isolinear Chipset 25
It’s Over. It’s Over. 0 Defeated SHODAN 50