Late Shift Achievements

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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Proficient Storyteller Proficient Storyteller 0 Watch four endings 25
Choices Matter Choices Matter 0 Find all main chapters 100
Expert Storyteller Expert Storyteller 0 Watch all seven endings 100

Secret Achievements

The Coward The Coward 0 Go home alone 25
The Lion's Den The Lion's Den 0 Go to the Tchois 25
The Ploy The Ploy 0 Convince Parr it's a fake 25
The Fool The Fool 0 Fall for the bluff 25
The Delivery The Delivery 0 Reject the offer 25
The Bribe The Bribe 0 Accept the offer 25
The Frenzy The Frenzy 0 Pull the trigger 25
Cause and Effect Cause and Effect 0 What are the chances? 25
Fair Share Fair Share 0 Split the share 50/50 25
Shill Bidder Shill Bidder 0 Defeat the odds 25
Office Clerk Office Clerk 0 Take the high road 50
Star-Crossed Lovers Star-Crossed Lovers 0 More than just friends? 50
Even Tempered Even Tempered 0 Don't fight 50
Good Karma Good Karma 0 The key to friendship 100
Sabotage Sabotage 0 Enter the wrong code 75
Interrogation Interrogation 0 Don't cross the line 100
Protector Protector 0 Don't give in 100