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Human: Fall Flat Achievements

Full list of Human: Fall Flat achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Human: Fall Flat has 107 achievements worth 3080 gamerscore

Leap of Fail Leap of Fail 0 Complete "Mansion" 20
Choo Choo! Choo Choo! 0 Complete "Train" 20
Don't Get a Splinter! Don't Get a Splinter! 0 Complete "Carry" 20
What Goes Up What Goes Up 0 Complete "Mountain" 20
Brute Force Brute Force 0 Complete "Demolition" 20
Storm the Gate! Storm the Gate! 0 Complete "Castle" 20
Feet First Feet First 0 Complete "Water" diving feet-first 20
Head First Head First 0 Complete "Water" diving head-first 20
The End? The End? 0 Complete "Power Plant" 20
Speedrun Speedrun 0 Complete the game start-to-end in one run 20
No escape No escape 0 Fall and respawn once 10
Pigeon Simulator Pigeon Simulator 0 Stand on the head of the statue in the intro 10
Mind the gap! Mind the gap! 0 Take a big shortcut in the level "Mansion" 10
Public service Public service 0 Place 5 pieces of debris in a dumpster 10
Perfectionist Perfectionist 0 Align a flipped bench with a wall 10
It's stuck It's stuck 0 Jam a door and go through it in "Carry" 10
Tower Tower 0 Stack all 4 boxes in the level "Carry" 20
AH, EO, EO, EO, EO, OOOOO! AH, EO, EO, EO, EO, OOOOO! 0 Use the rope to go above the abyss in the level "Mountain" 20
Silent hours (Noisy neighbours) Silent hours (Noisy neighbours) 0 Get rid of the speaker set in "Mountain" 20
My treasure My treasure 0 Collect all gems into a pile in "Mountain" 20
Wrong direction Wrong direction 0 Use the window on your left instead of smashing the wall in "Demolition" 20
Surprise! (Avalanche!) Surprise! (Avalanche!) 0 Unleash the boulder gate in "Demolition" 20
Primal Primal 0 Break 4 walls without using any gadgets in "Demolition" 20
Improvised Ammo Improvised Ammo 0 Launch yourself with the catapult in "Castle" 30
For whom the bell tolls For whom the bell tolls 0 Ring the castle bell in "Castle" 20
Zipline Zipline 0 Zipline from the church tower in "Castle" 20
Smooth moves Smooth moves 0 Parkour fluidly from the alley to the blacksmith in "Castle" without touching the ground. 40
Row, row, row your boat Row, row, row your boat 0 Use the row boat to get to the cargo ship in "Water" 20
Reverse gear Reverse gear 0 Enter the dock with the ship backwards in "Water" 20
Beacon Beacon 0 Light up the lighthouse in "Water" 20
Breathing exercise Breathing exercise 0 In "Water", get out of the water in 100ms to avoid drowning 20
Surfer Surfer 0 Don't get wet while surfing down the mountain in "Water" 30
Electricity 101 Electricity 101 0 Short-circuit the wires in "Power Plant" 30
Will it fry? Will it fry? 0 Feed an appliance with power from 3 batteries in "Power Plant" 30
Delivery boy Delivery boy 0 Deliver 10 pieces of coal to the main island in "Power Plant" 30
Thief Thief 0 Steal the battery from the statue in "Power Plant" 20
Tourist Tourist 0 Travel 1km 20
Traveler Traveler 0 Travel 10km 20
Adventurer Adventurer 0 Travel 25km 30
Let it rain Let it rain 0 Respawn 100 times 20
Trampoline Trampoline 0 Jump 1000 times 20
Climber Climber 0 Climb 100m 20
Heavy lifting Heavy lifting 0 Carry objects for a total of 1000m 30
Learn to swim Learn to swim 0 Drown 10 times 20
Sail away! Sail away! 0 Use any of the boats to travel 1km 30
Petrolhead Petrolhead 0 Use any of the ground vehicles to travel 1km 30
Convertible ride Convertible ride 0 Ride 50m in a dumpster 30
Time saver Time saver 0 Use the pipe to cross the lava in "Tower" 40
Out of the orbinary Out of the orbinary 0 Go fishing in "Tower" 40
Foot in the door Foot in the door 0 Find a shorter route for moving the batteries in "Tower" 40
Just walked in Just walked in 0 Complete “Tower” 40
Top Shelf Top Shelf 0 Reach the highest platform above the power drill in "Miniature" 40
Spotless clean Spotless clean 0 Get rid of the ash in “Miniature” 40
The floor is lava The floor is lava 0 Starting from the bag of soil, reach the top of the crate without touching the red tiles 40
Small fish, big pond Small fish, big pond 0 Complete “Miniature” 40
The End The End 0 Complete "Aztec" 20
Bird's eye view Bird's eye view 0 Climb to the top of the tree with the birds nest in “Aztec” 20
Rollin' Rollin' 0 Walk on the rolling ball to bypass a puzzle in "Aztec" 40
Clockwork Clockwork 0 Pass the pendulum obstacle course in 60 seconds in “Aztec” 40
It's Alive! It's Alive! 0 Complete "Dark" 20
Fry Me to the Moon Fry Me to the Moon 0 Hold on to the EXIT lid after you flick the switch in "Dark" 20
Tick Tock Tick Tock 0 Climb the Clock Tower in 40 seconds in "Dark" 40
Planks? No Thanks! Planks? No Thanks! 0 Complete "Dark" without moving any planks that are barring doors 40
Under Pressure Under Pressure 0 Complete "Steam" 20
Walk the Plank Walk the Plank 0 Reach the big wheel in "Steam" without using the crane controls 20
Get Dizzy Get Dizzy 0 Ride 3 complete revolutions of the big wheel in "Steam" 40
Avalanche Avalanche 0 Complete "Ice" 20
Tricky Tricky 0 Complete the slope jump in "Ice" with 2 snowboards strapped to your feet 40
No Ice Ice Baby No Ice Ice Baby 0 Complete the seesaw puzzle in "Ice" without using an ice cube 40
Wrapped Up Wrapped Up 0 Complete "Thermal" 20
Payday Payday 0 Complete "Thermal" while holding a gold bar 20
Hook, Line and Jumper Hook, Line and Jumper 0 Enter the compound in "Thermal" without passing through the main gate 40
Amped! Amped! 0 Attach all electrical cables in 35 seconds or less in "Thermal" 40
The Foreman The Foreman 0 Complete "Factory" 20
How to get Fired! How to get Fired! 0 Throw one of each item in the final room into the fire in “Factory” 20
After Hours After Hours 0 Complete the first half of “Factory” without turning any lights on 40
Radio Silence Radio Silence 0 Throw all four radios off the level in “Factory” 40
Hole in One Hole in One 0 Complete "Golf" 20
Mulligan Mulligan 0 Drive the golf cart off the edge of the level 20
Birdie Birdie 0 Using ONLY the golf club, putt the ball in 3 strokes or less 40
Bogey (1 Over Par) Bogey (1 Over Par) 0 Take the alternate route above the cave 40
Sports Fan Sports Fan 0 Complete "City" level 20
Hitchhiker Hitchhiker 0 Ride one of the vehicles for 10 seconds 20
Temper Tantrum Temper Tantrum 0 Knock all 3 rag dolls off the level 40
Tip-Top Ten Pin Tip-Top Ten Pin 0 Complete all 4 bowling lanes 40
Wrecking Crew Wrecking Crew 0 Break the statue with the wrecking ball 40
Toasty Toasty 0 Burn a marshmallow over the bonfire 40
On Thin Ice On Thin Ice 0 Don't let the ice block melt 40
Wrong Turn Wrong Turn 0 Complete Forest 40
Overachiever Overachiever 0 Reach the exit door whilst holding an orb in the launch pad room 40
Bullseye Bullseye 0 Hit all targets without missing a single shot 40
Cast it into the fire Cast it into the fire 0 Throw an orb into the lava 40
KABOOM! KABOOM! 0 Complete “Laboratory” 40
Lights Out Lights Out 0 Throw the lanterns off the map 40
Safety First Safety First 0 Use two hooks when crossing the chasm in Lumber 40
Bedwetter Bedwetter 0 Wet the bed in Lumber 40
The Great Outdoors The Great Outdoors 0 Complete Lumber 40
Don't blame it on the sunshine Don't blame it on the sunshine 0 Turn on the jukebox in "Red Rock" 40
Pipe Dream Pipe Dream 0 Use the sewer to escape the junkyard on "Redrock" 40
Pretty Fly for a Cacti Pretty Fly for a Cacti 0 Place the hat on the cactus in "Red Rock" 40
Currently Attractive Currently Attractive 0 Complete "Red Rock" 40
Square peg in a round hole Square peg in a round hole 0 Attempt to use an improvised battery in "Copper World" 40
Unlimited Power! Unlimited Power! 0 Form an independent laser loop in "Copper World" 40
Loose change Loose change 0 Throw all four hidden coins off the level in "Copper World" 40
Cu later Cu later 0 Complete "Copper World" 40

Secret Achievements

Whoops! Whoops! 0 Break the ladder in "Steam" 40
Taking the Piste Taking the Piste 0 Complete 1 complete revolution on the ski chairs in "Ice" 20