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Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun Achievements

Full list of Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun achievements, dlc, secrets, guides, tips & cheats for Xbox.

Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun has 42 achievements worth 1000 gamerscore

Happy little accidents Happy little accidents 0 Cause 3 accidents on the Nakasendō road. 15
A thief's beginning A thief's beginning 0 Pickpocket someone with Yuki. 15
Rollin' Rollin' 0 Hide in the red wagon in Imai town. 15
Rescue Takuma Rescue Takuma 0 Help Takuma escape from Mount Tsuru. 15
Disguised Disguised 0 Put on Aiko's disguise. 15
Yabu Yabu 0 Kill Lord Yabu in his estate. 30
Mugen Unchained Mugen Unchained 0 Free Mugen in Suganuma village. 15
Okkoto Okkoto 0 End General Okkoto's rebellion. 30
Gear up Gear up 0 Reclaim all your equipment on your second visit to Mount Tsuru. 15
Still Rollin' Still Rollin' 0 Hide in the wagon on your way up the Myōgi Pass. 15
Atheist Ox Atheist Ox 0 Make the ox kick the statue at Sunpu Castle. 15
Warzone Warzone 0 Shoot an enemy inside a warzone or a shooting range. 15
Tanuki Time Tanuki Time 0 Run 500 meters with Kuma. 15
Mimimi Mimimi 0 Kill all developers. 100
Five Shadows Five Shadows 0 Execute a plan with actions for all 5 characters. 15
Mercyful Mercyful 0 Knock out 250 guards or samurai. 15
Genin Genin 0 Kill 500 guards. 30
Chunin Chunin 0 Kill 1000 guards. 50
Jonin Jonin 0 Kill 50 samurai. 50
Thorough Thorough 0 Hide 250 bodies. 15
Meticulous Meticulous 0 Hide 750 bodies. 50
Complete Mastery Complete Mastery 0 Collect all badges. 100

Secret Achievements

Old Man Old Man 0 Visit Takuma in his tower in Ōsaka Castle. 15
No Gimmicks No Gimmicks 0 Use Hayato's stone to rescue Mugen in Ōsaka Castle. 15
Happy Planning Happy Planning 0 Kill 3 guards with the planks hanging from the Yagura Mon. 15
The Cave The Cave 0 Find the smiling creature in a little cave on the Nakasendō. 15
Stoned Ox Stoned Ox 0 Kill a guard with an ox. 15
Ice Ice Yuki Ice Ice Yuki 0 Kill a samurai with an icicle. 15
Flying Rocks Flying Rocks 0 Kill a guard by throwing a rock with Mugen. 15
Time Paradox Time Paradox 0 Kill General Okkoto prematurely in Hida village. 15
The Old Way The Old Way 0 Kill General Okkoto with an explosive barrel. 15
Prisoners Prisoners 0 Free the prisoners in Kanazawa Castle. 15
The End The End 0 Shoot Kage-sama with Takuma in Kage-sama's hideout. 50
Stoned Stoned 0 Lure a guard into Hayato's cell using his stone. 15
High Five the Moon High Five the Moon 0 Climb the pagoda of the small temple at the Myōgi Pass. 15
Praise the Shogun Praise the Shogun 0 Light the bonfire at the Myōgi Pass. 15
Noboru Noboru 0 Take your revenge on Lord Noboru. 30
Undeserved Honor Undeserved Honor 0 Let Lord Noboru commit Seppuku. 15
Winner Winner Winner Winner 0 Kill a chicken. 15
Chicken Dinner Chicken Dinner 0 Kill 11 chickens in one level. 15
Too Early Too Early 0 Get shot while carrying an explosive barrel. 15
It's raining men It's raining men 0 Knock out a guard by throwing another guard at them. 15