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A Walk in the Dark Achievements

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There are 27 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

Tougher than your average cat Tougher than your average cat 0 Led Bast to death 7 times 5
Cat killer Cat killer 0 Led Bast to death 100 times 10
You monster! You monster! 0 Led Bast to death 1000 times 15
Uh... It's shiny! Uh... It's shiny! 0 Caught your first Shiny 10
Apprentice Catcher Apprentice Catcher 0 Caught 25 Shinies 25
Professional Catcher Professional Catcher 0 Caught 50 Shinies 50
Master Catcher Master Catcher 0 Caught 75 Shinies 75
Got them all! Got them all! 0 Caught all 100 Shinies 100
Agile Kitty Agile Kitty 0 Completed a level under the par time 10
Fast Kitty Fast Kitty 0 Completed 25 levels under the par time 25
Supersonic Kitty Supersonic Kitty 0 Completed 50 levels under the par time 50
Bolt Kitty Bolt Kitty 0 Completed all timed levels under the par time 100
One time only One time only 0 Completed a Cave level without dying 10
Death Cheater Death Cheater 0 Completed all Cave flipper levels without dying 50
Completionist Cat Completionist Cat 0 Caught all shinies, completed all timed levels under the par time and all Cave levels without dying 100
Hero Cat Hero Cat 0 Completed all levels 80
Ninja Cat Ninja Cat 0 Completed all levels in a unique speed run without dying more than 10 times 50
Through the Cave Through the Cave 0 Completed all Cave levels 25
A Walk Outside A Walk Outside 0 Completed all Forest levels 25
Getting out of the House Getting out of the House 0 Completed all House levels 25
Spirits Within Spirits Within 0 Completed all Spirit World levels 25
A Strange World A Strange World 0 Completed all Strange World levels 25
Impatient Girl Impatient Girl 0 Killed Arielle on her first level while she's descending 5
Smoked Smoked 0 Cleaned all smoke blocks in a level 10
Natural Born Killer Natural Born Killer 0 Destroyed 30 dandelions 10
Leave me alone! Leave me alone! 0 Disturbed 10 butterflies 10
Challenge accepted Challenge accepted 0 Completed all challenge levels 75